rlz, resort, latitude zero, Sumatra, Indonesia, Telo Islands, Bali, Nias, surfing, waves, photography
Surf Report 26/03/15

Fun waves and great conditions have been on offer the past week throughout the Telo Island region. ...

surfing, Sumatra, rlz, resort, waves, Telo Islands, surf report, latitude zero, Indonesia
Surf Report 23/03/15

With a sneaky Sumatran swell creeping into the Telo Island region the RLZ guests were charged and r...

surfing, rlz, Sumatra, Telo Islands, Nias, Indonesia, family, surf report, waves
Surf Report 20/03/15

This week in the Telo Islands, there was a frenzy of good friends vying for the perfect wave at RLZ....

surfing, resort, rlz, latitude zero, Sumatra, Indonesia, Telo Islands, family friendly, surf report, Nias, Bali, tropical holiday
Surf Report 17/03/15

Fun waves over the last couple of days here in the Telo Islands, North Sumatra. We’ve seen stor...


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Surf Resort Telos Islands

Resort Latitude Zero offers incredible surf holidays and luxurious accommodation in western Indonesia. The luxurious resort is situated on its own private island off the west coast of Sumatra near the Telo Islands and north of the Mentawai Islands.

Our paradise island sits almost right on the equator (latitude zero!) and the boutique resort is set in a natural coconut garden and close to a beautiful and safe sandy beach. See what’s included in our resort stays or find out more about our Mentawai surf charters and our sailing & resort packages below.

Always dreamed of surfing Sumatra’s best waves while enjoying a luxury holiday on a tropical island?

At Resort Latitude Zero, we’re a group of Indonesian wave veterans who have been surfing Mentawai and Telo Islands waves for decades. We know exactly where the best waves are and sought out the best spot to build our resort so we could easily get to all these awesome waves – and take you there as well! Check out some of the surfing pros we’ve hosted who loved surfing Sumatra’s most incredible waves with us.