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Brendan “Margo” Margison

Brendan “Margo” Margison recently treated himself to a trip to Resort Latitude Zero for his 40th birthday with a bunch of musically talented friends. A definite standout with an amazing display of power surfing from the original free surfer.

Taj Burrow

The WCT dominator and West Oz super freak Taj Burrow scored some awesome waves during his stay at Resort Latitude Zero. All that witnessed Taj light up the perfect Telo Islands conditions were quick to realise why he is one...

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Owen Wright

Owen was the stand out performer during the filming of “THE JUNIOR DIARIES” here at Resort Latitude Zero. His new age progressive surfing and amazing back hand tube riding in extremely heavy barrels is some of the best we have...

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RLZ Visiting Pro_Matt Meola 01

Matt Meola

Matt Meola paid us a visit for the filming of tracks magazine cover mount “Cowboys and Aerials”. His surfing was some of the most futuristic we have seen with giant flips and spins. The innersection winner showing how consistent he...

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rlz, resort latitude zero, andino, latitude zero

Kolohe “Brother” Andino

Kolohe was part of the junior trip that went down at Resort Latitude Zero with the likes of Owen Wright putting on a display of amazing futuristic surfing. Both not surprisingly are now part of the prestigious World Championship Tour.

rasta, rlz, billabong, mangalui, resort latitude zero

David Rastovich

David “Rasta” Rastovich has shown us why he is considered one of the best tube riders in the world time and time again while searching and surfing new waves on board the Mangalui. His theory when glancing over a previously...

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ry craike, mangalui, resort latitude zero, indonesian boat trip, mentawai

Ry Craike

Over the years Ry has been a regular guest on board the Mangalui and at the Resort. Ry Craike is the owner of the best forehand fin-throw in the biz, according to King Kelly Slater. Craikey, who has lived most of his life on...

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alana blanchard, surfer girl, resort latitude zero, telo islands

Alana Blanchard

The beautiful Hawaiian also features in “The Junior Diaries” filmed on location here at Resort Latitude Zero.

martin potter, mangalui, resort latitude zero, rlz, boat trip, mentawai

Martin Potter

The 1989 World Champion was a part of the recent “Cowboys & Aerials” trip. With Pottz being one of the pioneers of aerial surfing it was fitting to have him on the trip to show the young guys how it...

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nat young, asp world tour, resort latitude zero, telo islands

Nat Young

American wizkid Nat Young was amongst the crew of “The Junior Diaries” surfers that payed a visit to Resort Latitude Zero in 2010. The level of surfing was well beyond there years, showing why he is considered one of the...

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instead we smile, luke stead man, resort latitude zero, rlz, telo islands

Luke Stedman

The ex WCT surfer treated himself to an adventure to Resort Latitude Zero in 2010. Currently spending most of his time in Bali allows him to seek out the perfect swells and scored whilst in the Telo Islands region. His...

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RLZ Visiting Pro_Adriano de Souza 01

Adriano De Souza

The WCT Brazilian maestro spent a couple of weeks relaxing and surfing at Resort Latitude Zero with his girlfriend whilst gathering plenty of shots and footage for his sponsors. The perfect compromise between work and play.

yadin nicol, resort latitude zero, telo islands, rlz, mentawai, hurley

Yadin Nicol

WCT member Yadin Nicol did a strike mission to Resort Latitude Zero with some fellow Hurley team riders and scored some epic waves during the swell of the year in 2009. An exciting and powerful surfer from Western Australia he...

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laura evener, telo islands, resort latitude zero, billabong girls, evener signs with billabong

Laura Enever

Laura was part of the Us vs Them trip that was filmed at Resort Latitude Zero. She scored some great waves during her time in the Telo Islands gathering some great photos/clips making for a successful trip by all involved....

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wade goodall, prime zero, resort latitude zero, telo islands, tracks magazine, sumatra

Wade Goodall

Wade Goodall and his mates called Resort Latitude Zero home for a week in May/June 2010 and went about tearing the place apart. They searched the Telo Islands, Sumatra outer reaches with the lads surf trip well documented in print and also...

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mitch parkinson, joel parkinson, resort latitude zero, mangalui, billabong team, telo islands

Mitch Parkinson

Mitch is part of the new age progressive surfing generation earning him the spot of the youngest member of the “Cowboys & Aerials” trip.   Being the cousin of newly crowned world champ Joel Parkinson has the surfing world placing...

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ash grunwald, resort latitude zero, rlz, telo islands surf resort

Ash Grunwald

The Australian musician recently treated himself to a trip with fellow muso’s along with professional surfer friends Rasta and Margo. Ash is a super keen and talented surfer and in between sessions would jump on the guitar and show us...

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