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14 Mar 2018

KLM Nomad is one of the pioneers of the surf charter industry in Western Indonesia.

In 1997 Todd Roesler, A long time surfing diehard from West Australia spent 8 months getting her rigged and ready for the consistent frothers that would aboard her on the trips of their lifetimes! Finally she set sail from her birth place of Tanah Beru, Sulawesi on a hardcore sailing adventure to the eastern Islands of Indonesia, eventually returning west again and settling around the fame breaks of the Sunda Straight where he established Nomad as a well known and respected charter operation chasing the epic waves of Panaitan Island.

In 2008 Nomad sailed even further west chasing the perfect waves of Sumatra and has remaind there ever since, being witness to some all time memorable sessions by all who sail aboard her.

In recent years Nomad has undergone some major changes to her design and layout to increase comfort and safety on board and is a purpose built surf chasing machine. Along with her trusty 7m sidekick speedboat – Boomerang, which accompanies all charters there is nowhere that she cant reach.

Nomad is standing by ready to take you on the trip of a life time for 2018. So what are you waiting for? Jump aboard and chase the waves of your dreams!

Please contact us via the enquires page for available dates and further information.

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