Dane Rosser

“We had the most incredible trip! Thanks so much for all you help and the RLZ team defiantly have to get back there soon.”

Val Schaeffer

“The trip was flawless from start to finish. Adam and Wal and Andrew all did a wonderful job of keeping us on it for the surf. The rest of the staff from top to bottom did a great job, especially knowing that groups of 8-16 come in every week and they worked hard to learn our preferences, etc. which was impressive. Thanks again. We’ll we liked it so much that we’re ready to book again.”

Richard Parker

“Hey Chad, Joel, Adam and Andy. Thanks for the awesome three weeks. Here is a little slideshow from my trip with some of the shots you guys took of me. I’m super stoked on the trip and hopefully will get up there again soon. Thank Firy, Roy, Ewan and the rest of the crew for an awesome time.”

Mark Fricker

“Sensational!! Excellent place, people, waves & food. Living the dream!”

David Cromarty

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank Swilly for his contribution to our trip. It was a pleasure to meet you after seeing your work over the years.

I’m really happy with my pics…takes a true professional to make an ageing ‘grom at heart’ look good! Your stories added to the atmosphere of the whole trip and its one I’ll remember forever.

The boys are already talking up another trip to RLZ and I hope if you are available, we have the opportunity to share that one with you as well. Safe travels wherever that may take you and look forward to seeing your work in the future!”

Emma Birchall

“Keep going the same way. Our holiday has been so full with joy & adventure firsts. Happy kids, happy husband, happy family. Thank You. x x x”

Hilly, Davo, Frase & Keebs

“Resort and ALL staff were amazing. Adam, Billy, Wal, Yeyen, Gemma and Ampuni especially were fantastic! The surf was great! Food was beautiful, we will be back guaranteed! We all loved it ! Thanks Guys!!!” – Hilly, Davo, Frase & Keebs

Greg Miller

“Thanks to all the crew once again for a great time had by all in May just gone…..want to do it all again.”

Robert Faraday

“I just wanted to drop you a short note to say what an amazing place it is you have created over there, and that the time we all had was amazingly unique and special. I also wanted to say that a massive part of that experience was the fact we had Smanny as our guide, along with Furry, Roy and Gamma. Those blokes are all legends.

In particular, Smanny’s knowledge of the waves in the area, his willingness to back us to surf waves like DC’s straight up, his repour with the locals and other surf guides, the way he respectfully managed relationships with the other boats in the area to ensure we maximised our time at each break with minimal (no) crowds, and just generally his easy going, relaxed and magnanimous way all meant we had one hell of a time.

On behalf of all of our crew, our sincere thanks for one of the best surf trips we have all been on.”

Justin Scanlan

“Hope you guys are well! Thanks heaps for putting Grant & I up and looking after us so well at the resort!! We had an awesome time and even though we didn’t plan on staying a few extra days it was great to really experience Resort Latitude Zero. The Resort is incredible & the food blew me away. Cracker menu Wal! The staff & surf guides were all really helpful as well. It was never too much trouble for Wal, Ferrie, Gema to drive us either North or South looking for waves in the conditions. The general facilities are amazing and the gym and games area tops it off. Cheers. Kind Regards.” – Justin Scanlan

PJ Keightley

“Thanks again for such a sick holiday. It was probably the best of the four trips I have experienced at Resort Latitude Zero. You continue to amaze me with the level of service you deliver in such a remote location.
Hady and Roy, Rob and Adam had us frothing every day and we shared a lot of laughs and great waves. I am booked in again for October next year with David Tuffley’s crew and Rory is organising a father/son trip maybe early next year that I might try to get in on it. Can’t wait to see you all again.”

Spike & Renae Points

“Passed through for the AFL Grand Final. Great hospitality. Yacht Alderbarow Bay. Cheers.”

Ben Hare

“Best accommodation, staff, ever had. Coming back boys! Yeah!.”

Jon Erickson

“Juts to say that once again the RLZ team delivered a great experience. While we weren’t blessed with great swell the team always made sure we had fun and score waves.. never disapointed

Chad and Andrew just get better at what they do. . . See you next year!”

Christina Fowler

“This has to be the best place for good energy on the planet – All your guides, captains, crew, staff are friendly, helpful and listen – even when they don’t want to.” – Christina Fowler

Stephen Barwell

“Just a quick comment to say thanks heaps for the photos and the video. It’s a service way above the call of duty and the camera work from Shane, Wal, and Firy is exceptional. Certainly something I wasn’t expecting and made the trip beyond epic (if that is possible) – thanks again guys!!” – Stephen Barwell