Bruce Wilkinson

“This was one of the best experiences of my life. Both the surfing and Resort + Staff.  The only improvement I can think of is my part, I will stay longer next time.”

Marc Sputore

“Im still buzzing from the week I had with you guys July 1 to July 8. I havnt stopped talking about it. I just wanted to say thank you and your staff for the running of such a professional operation. It was a step up again from the previous year. S Man and Adam were awesome surf guides that made each day on the boat a real pleasure, funny blokes. Special thanks also to Gareth, Ampony, Julie, and Yen.” – Marc Sputore


Rory Gibson

“Terrific beach, great staff, incredible experience. I hope it stays like this forever.”

Paul Tobin

“I have been extremely impressed with how slick this operation is. The thought that has come into little details (colour coded water bottles etc.) shows the years of experience in the area. Before leaving to come on this trip I was asked “which camp are you staying at”. I said Lat Zero Resort. I was told “There are all camps”. You truly combined luxury resort living with the ultimate surf experience. Congratulations. I look forward to returning.”

Tim Antonie

“We had such a great time – the place is awesome and the best service we have ever had. Looking forward to next year.”

Ywain Lawrey

“Outstanding. Thanks for adapting to high numbers & conference demands.” – Ywain Lawrey

PJ Keightley

“Thanks for an un believable holiday last week. It was very hard to come back to reality and face work again.

The resort is an amazing place and I could not fault the accommodation, the food and the attentive staff. There must have been a lot of intensive work behind the scenes to train everyone to deliver such a high standard of hospitality to the guests given the remote location.

To the captains Matt, Joel and Chad, you blokes sure know your stuff. I was very impressed with how Joel delt with the million questions people asked him on arrival and how you guy’s delt with the mucked up flight back from Jakarta. Thanks for patching up the war wounds to keep me surfing. The wrist is only sprained, not broken and all the wounds are healing nicely. I hope none of the new guests picked up JJ’s virus. That was a bummer.

The photos are a great service to offer guests. I had never seen a photo of myself surfing before and it is nice to show people what a good time we had. I would suggest less photos of Tyler since he makes us all look like crap. I think that was one of the best holidays of my life. Give Larry a pat for me and I look forward to seeing you all again sometime.” – PJ Keightley

Marco Roncolato

“Just a quick note to say we had an absolute blast during our recent stay!!! EVERYONE was fantastic, including Furi, Missy, Gema and Amponi (please excuse any misspellings). Your resort is run so professionally and smoothly, we felt we were into it from the moment we were met in Padang. Wally’s laid back but professional approach reinforced all this and all the staff were kind and attentive.

I would like to make special mention of Andrew (Smanny). He really made the trip for us. Always relaxed, easy going and accommodating but extremely professional and guided us to the right surf spot every time. We could not have been made to feel more welcome on the boat. Great bloke. We will be back (and hopefully we can get Andrew again if he’s around)!

Best wishes and thanks guys. You’ve got a great team and a great resort.

PS. The food guys, the food!! Brilliant.
PPS. Still drooling over Swilly’s surf shots. The man works hard and can make anyone look good!”

Dean Kuhio Campos

“Best trip ever. I felt like royalty. Treated like “KINGS”. Everyone is kind and happy. Hope to come back “SOON” – Dean Kuhio Campos

Bruce Wilkinson (Member of Hawaii Crew)

“Best surf trip in my life so far. Only thing that could be improved is that I should have stayed longer!! Accommodation, food, staff, boats and surf are all top shelf! Adam our surf guide got us tons of waves and I especially appreciate his coaching me on backside barrel riding.”

Doug Baird

“Cheers RLZ crew for all the great memories.”

David Cromarty

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank Swilly for his contribution to our trip. It was a pleasure to meet you after seeing your work over the years.

I’m really happy with my pics…takes a true professional to make an ageing ‘grom at heart’ look good! Your stories added to the atmosphere of the whole trip and its one I’ll remember forever.

The boys are already talking up another trip to RLZ and I hope if you are available, we have the opportunity to share that one with you as well. Safe travels wherever that may take you and look forward to seeing your work in the future!”

Edward Messara

“A really enjoyable experience, fabulous hosts and acommodation 4 stars plus, with great waves ( wow) :) and sensational staff !!!” – Edward Messara

Andrew Travis

“Had a great time. Fantastic vibe, great staff and great waves. Will definitely be back.” – Andrew Travis

Justin Scanlan

“After nearly 6 years with World Surfaris, I am finishing up today 04-SEP for a long holiday and to take on a new adventure in life.

It has been an amazing few years in a dream job but I feel like the time has come for a change.

4 weeks of holidays just isn’t enough so I am heading back to Uni to become a teacher so I can have plenty of holidays J

It was a pleasure dealing with you over the years and an even greater pleasure to have had the chance to visit and stay at Resort Lat Zero a few years ago.

Lat Zero is an incredible place by itself but in my eyes your operation on the whole (RLZ/Nomad/Mango) leads the way in the surf tourism industry.

Obviously having experienced guys like yourself and Captain Mark who can see weather/surf conditions change before other operators and swooping in on that is a big advantage over others.

The amount of repeat client bookings and RLZ booking for 2016 is a testament to the operation.”

Sean Hughes

“2nd Trip – Just as good as the 1st.”