Val Schaeffer

“Great trip! Thanks to all the RLZ. My son and I had the experience of a lifetime. We’ll be back! The surf was epic and everyone involved made the experience top notch.”

Lucy Guerin

“A very friendly team with impeccable management and service made a perfect balance between a firm focus on surfing while having your partner along too.” – Lucy Guerin

Steve Vallance

“After multiple trips the “Good Ship RLZ” and all who sail her never cease to impress! This trip was an absolute cracker in every way. We surfed until we couldn’t surf anymore! My smiling muscles are as sore as my arms!

I’ve said it before but I honestly can’t imagine how you could do it any better. Surfing the way it should be!! Well done.”

Nick Greenaway

“I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. We all had a great time, scratches, cuts, and broken boards (2 in one session to Pete Brockhoff at Rangas!!) not withstanding.

But everyone at the resort from Joel down to Larry the Wonder Dog contributed to a fantastic stay. Special mention to Sman the man. Great surf guide, nothing was too much trouble, he really did go the extra nautical mile to ensure we had great waves and memories. Even negotiating a pretty heavy inside section at Outside Moneys to take shots just because he likes that angle. He is a real asset to your op, but I’ m sure you already know this.

Anyway we are already lining up for next year!”

Lucy Guerin

“A very friendly team with impeccable management and service make a perfect balance between firm focus on surfing while having your partner along too.” – Lucy Guerin

Damian Martin

“Exceptional service from everyone. You couldn’t ask for more – surf guides are legends and experts in hospitality. Special thanks to Joel, Ad’s, Firry and Roi.” – Damian Martin

Andrew Hutcheson

“We came we scored excellent waves, the 2nd best surfer from Penrith was here, and dominated, Mick Fanning is the first best surfer from Penrith.”

Michael Okamoto

“Awesome experience.”

Robert Brown

Wow, what a great trip, hats off to all of you on providing a great place, empty waves and good times all round.

I got back a week ago and showed some mates photos of resort and waves, needless to say the call is in for a trip next year.

Daniel Smith

“Thanks very much for a fantastic trip, the waves at the start of the week were pumping and I got plenty of rides that would make it into my top ten of all time! Even when the swell dropped, I still had a great time on the smaller ones. Thanks very much to you and the team, Sman was the perfect guide, full of info, enthusiasm and a great story or two. Adam was laid back and philosophical, Joel had the weight of the world on his shoulders, but carried it with grace, making sure everything was perfect. The resort was outstanding – well done on a great set up, I loved the attention to the environment with the water bottles and no plastic.

Thanks again – it was a great trip.”

PJ Keightley

“Thanks for an un believable holiday last week. It was very hard to come back to reality and face work again.

The resort is an amazing place and I could not fault the accommodation, the food and the attentive staff. There must have been a lot of intensive work behind the scenes to train everyone to deliver such a high standard of hospitality to the guests given the remote location.

To the captains Matt, Joel and Chad, you blokes sure know your stuff. I was very impressed with how Joel delt with the million questions people asked him on arrival and how you guy’s delt with the mucked up flight back from Jakarta. Thanks for patching up the war wounds to keep me surfing. The wrist is only sprained, not broken and all the wounds are healing nicely. I hope none of the new guests picked up JJ’s virus. That was a bummer.

The photos are a great service to offer guests. I had never seen a photo of myself surfing before and it is nice to show people what a good time we had. I would suggest less photos of Tyler since he makes us all look like crap. I think that was one of the best holidays of my life. Give Larry a pat for me and I look forward to seeing you all again sometime.” – PJ Keightley

Claire & Scott

” Both Scott and I wanted to send a massive sincere thank you to you and Jen for making our trip to the Telos extremely awesome!! The Resort you have built is outstanding and our expectations were certainly well exceeded … which in this industry is hard to do sometimes!

Being surrounded by such wonderful people was great for the soul and we enjoyed every single second of our trip. Particularly our candlelit dinner on the beach! Oh, and the laundry service is so unreal, I’m wondering how I can get that at home!

The staff you have working on the Island are just fantastic! Joel is a gem who ensured we were very well looked after. We really appreciated meeting them all and our gratitude for their efforts goes out to all of them. Meanwhile, we are back to work, trying our best to hang on for as long as possible to that island vibe … Thanks again Matt. We look forward to seeing you again soon! ” – Claire & Scott

Peter Hogg

“Definitely the ultimate surfing experiences. Plenty of waves, relaxation, and fun was had. Supported by a world class crew, food, and facilities.” – Peter Hogg

Mark Byrne

“Just got back from my 5th trip today, Matt & Jen never disappoint.”

Deb / Andrew / Sally & Matt

“Been back to Adelaide a month now and not a day has gone by without reminiscing about our great times at RLZ We just wanted to thank you all again for a great Christmas, was FANTASTIC. We all enjoyed ourselves so much and to have uncrowded waves with friends old and new a real treat.”

Dane Rosser

“We had the most incredible trip! Thanks so much for all you help and the RLZ team defiantly have to get back there soon.”