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The Team

We are a unique group of Indonesian wave veterans who have come together to ensure your surf and holiday experience in Indonesia is unforgettable and trouble-free. We are all about sharing the stoke of surfing and having maximum fun in the ocean.

A good time had by all

Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen many changes and developments in this part of the world, but the ‘magic’ is still very much here. Our collective experience of 40 years in the area is second to none, so good times and a fabulous selection of great waves are what we’re all about.

Beyond the resort

Resort Latitude Zero has ground-handling and logistics managers in Jakarta, Padang, Medan and Guning Sitoli who all work together to make sure that your journey is as smooth as possible. They can arrange for overnight accommodations, surfboards, luggage handling, storage and transfers when and where necessary.

Qualified skippers

Our boat captains are all fully ticketed to international standards. In fact we usually send our vessels out with two captains on board, both for the extra manpower and as safety backup at sea.