RLZ Resort Latitude Zero




DO I STILL GET THE NON-SURFING PARTNER AND KID DISCOUNT IF THEY SURF? Yes you do. These discounts are extended to make it more affordable for the family man or those who would like to bring along his girl or visa versa to share a special holiday while still surfing epic waves.


DO I NEED AN INDONESIAN VISA? Yes, but it is available on arrival in Indonesia for a fee of US$25.00. It is valid for 30 days. some carriers now have Indonesian immigration staff on board direct flights between Australian and Indonesia cities to ease congestion at Indonesian terminals.


DO I NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE? Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all guests staying at the resort and voyaging on our vessels. In over 15 years of surf chartering throughout Indonesia we have rarely come across an injury we can not take care of ourselves, however worse case scenarios are very expensive. Please ensure you are FULLY covered for medical evacuation, and please check with your family doctor to make sure you up to date with all vaccinations suggested for the South East Asia region. 


CAN I BRING DUTY FREE ALCOHOL TO THE RESORT? Resort Latitude Zero has a fully stocked and tendered bar, so we would prefer all drinks are purchased through this service.



HOW DO I GET TO PADANG? You can fly to Padang directly from Jakarta, Medan, Batam or  Kuala Lumpur.


IF WE STAY AT PADANG HOMESTAY OVER NIGHT- HOW DO WE PAY ? AND WHAT DO WE DO ? If you decide to take our Padang homestay option on route for overnight accommodation then you can either bring cash with you and pay our logistics team on arrival or add the extra to your final payment for your surf tour costs. If adding on to electronic transfer amount please state this on the transfer note.


WILL SOMEONE BE THERE TO MEET US AT PADANG AIRPORT ? Yes we have a full Padang logistics team who will meet and greet you on arrival into Padang airport. We take full care for you from Padang airport back to Padang airport at trips end for your journey home.


IS THERE DUTY FREE AT PADANG AIRPORT? No there is no duty free shopping at Padang airport,just some basic indonesian style cafes and canteens. ATM and MONEY CHANGE but opening hours and machines can be unreliable.


HOW FAR IS ACCOMMODATION FROM AIRPORT? Padangs new Minangkabau International Airport is situated about 40 mins drive from Padang city center hotels and also about 40 mins from our Padang homestay which is situated behind town on the rise up to the surrounding mountains.



S  00.14.024         E  98.24.510


IS THERE ANYWHERE TO GO OUT FOR A FEW DRINKS IN PADANG? There is some great traditional seafood restaurants around the town to start the evening off that all sell cold beer (well sought of cold) – SIMPANG ENAM, APOLLO and a variety of seafood shacks right along the main beach. After that things can get pretty limited for late night entertainment but try FELLAS for a full bar menu in an outdoor setting, this is where you are most likely to bump into other traveling surfers. there is a variety of pool halls around town- DIPO, MATCHBOX and for those wanting to rock on there is a recently opened modern disco in town called THE TEA BOX which pumps till all hours but remember your long pants and shoes. no singlets or thongs etc and dont miss your early morning flight!


PDG-KL (AIRASIA) DEPARTS PDG AT 0830HRS DAILY. DO I HAVE TO STAY OVERNIGHT IN PADANG TO MEET THIS FLIGHT? There are 2 options for this if you really need to go via KL to get home. 1- Stay overnight in Padang and exit the following morning on Airasia directly to KL.  2- For a little extra, fly PDG- JKT during the day to join JKT-KL to meet evening flights home out of KL. Please check www.airasia.com for JKT-KL info.


ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON BOARD LENGTHS AND AND NUMBERS WITH SMALL TRANSFER PLANE? The planes used are CASA100s. These planes have a pay load of about1200kg so although it is tight weight wise we don’t have any restrictions on board numbers or lengths. Most guys bring 2-3 boards.


IS THE FLIGHT OUT TO  TELO A PRIVATE CHARTER OR PUBLIC FLIGHT? The transfer flight is operated by Susi Airlines. The flight is chartered for Resort Latitude Zero guests exclusively.


WHAT NATIONALITY IS THE PILOT? Susi Air employ around 100 pilots and around 95 of those are western pilots – mainly from Europe.


DO YOU HAVE SOME CONTACT NUMBERS JUST IN CASE WE ENCOUNTER A PROBLEM ON ROUTE TO PADANG OR AT PADANG AIRPORT ITSELF? Yen, our Logistics Manager in Padang will be glad to help with any problems while in Jakarta, Denpasar, KL, Singapore or Padang on +62 (0)821 7357 6172



CAN I BE CONTACTED WHILE AT RESORT OR ON BOAT IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION AT HOME WITH FAMILY OR WORK? Most regions of the islands have good hand phone service these days so be sure to set up international roaming on your own phone for your private use or feel free to leave the above team phone numbers. For urgent matters please email info@resortlatitudezero.com and we will arrange direct contact with guests or the Resort Manager. Both boats and resort have full internet and sat phone services.


HOW MANY SURFERS ARE ON THE ISLAND? There is a maximum of 16 surfers on the island at any one time. 2 houses of 8 surfers per house. The only time there would possibly be more is having surfing kids or wives along with a guest.


WHAT TYPE OF FOOD IS SERVED? We offer an eclectic combination of delicious Western and Indonesian cuisines. Food portions are plentiful (this is no time to start dieting). Chef Wal & his team will surprise and amaze you with their spectacular variety of meals.


CAN I PAY BY CREDIT CARD? Unfortunately to date we have no credit card facilities. Bills must be paid in cash. Most major currencies in good condition can be changed at the island.


PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF SURFING? Each speedboat has a full photography and video kit. Our guides and crew will happily get some shots and footage of you surfing each day during your trip. We will downoad anything we have on the last night and give you a disc. Please remember this is our free gift to you, we enjoy doing it and keeping people stoked, our surf guides do not get paid for this service so feel free to tip the boys for this extra service.


HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD I BRING ALONG TO PAY MY BILLS ON  THE ISLAND? WHAT IS THE ROUGH SPEND? Most drinks besides cocktails are around AUD$4-5 , massage around $20 and internet around $8 per hour so an average spend including a couple of massages and net hours would be roughly  AUD$300.


CAN I RECHARGE MY iPOD, PHONE, LAPTOP ETC.? Yes. the resort Runs 220v and 50Hz , very similar to Oz. The wall sockets are 2 rounded pins (asian power outlets), Plenty of adapters are available. USA guests should see resort manager for special voltage regulator for conversion to 110v.


SHOULD I BRING MY LAPTOP COMPUTER ? HOW MUCH IS INTERNET? IS WIRELESS AVAILABLE 24/7? RLZ has wireless broadband 24hrs a day. The rate is currently Rp 70 000 per hour and is electronically accumulated throughout your stay and charged along with your bar bill at the end of your stay. best to bring your own laptop along however we do a have a few small laptops to use for those who would prefer to not travel with their own computer.


CAN I BUY GIFTS FOR MY WIFE AND KIDS FROM THE ISLAND OR SHOULD I DO THIS ON THE WAY THROUGH ONE OF THE CITIES? We have a small affordable gift shop at the resort selling RLZ hats, surf caps, T shirts, shirts, Towels and small kids trinkets, jewelry, sarongs, carvings etc to take home to your families for gifts. Our gift shop also stocks a small range of travel essentials listed below for those who packed lightly or in a rush.


CAN I BUY SOUVENIRS FROM LOCAL TELO PEOPLE? Yes, there is a few young fellas starting to sell stuff out at some breaks in their canoes. This is a great way of giving a little back and we encourage a  bit of fun bartering and shopping with these guys.


ARE THE LOCAL TELO PEOPLE MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN? Traditionally Telo (Sth Nias province) are predominantly christian. Missionaries came through in the 40s and 50s right through the whole Island chain off Sumatra. With government jobs and merchant and trade opportunities quite a few Islamic people have moved out into towns scattered around the islands and all live very harmoniously.


WHAT DO THE LOCALS DO FOR WORK? Coconut harvesting and seafood/fishing is the main source of income.


DOES IT RAIN MUCH? On the equator we are not influenced by the traditional wet and dry seasons of the Bali area. We can and do get rain all year round and plenty of it.




WHAT ELSE IS AVAILABLE ON THE ISLAND IF I WANT TO PACK LIGHT? Some other items in our gift shop include toothpaste, batteries, flash drives, hats, surf hats, towels, wax , RLZ T-shirts and shirts and we have a personal collection of about 20 surfboards ranging from 6ft fish to malibu and SUPs and most sizes in between for those that aren’t to fussy about  what type of equipment they ride out in the waves. These are available for guests to use if treated with care. Check with us to see if we have something appropriate for you to help you keep your baggage to a minimal.


DO I NEED PROTECTION FROM MALARIA? Prevention is always best. Malaria is a real threat in this part of the world however the fact that the resort is on its own Island and we fog twice a week makes it a very low risk. RLZ takes all reasonable measures to minimize your risk, but see your doctor for advice prior to travel if your concerned.


OTHER HEALTH CONCERNS? Most travelers will normally update Hepatitis, Typhoid & Tetanus shots. Bring a good supply of any regular, specific or prescription drugs you are taking at the time of travel.


ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ? ABSOLUTELY FORGET IT ! This is Indonesia, with strict penalties ( include death) for drug possession and trafficking, even for the smallest of amounts! Its not only you that you may be putting at risk by being in possession of ANY illegal substances out here but also everyone around you and even our operation and proudly built boats and resort. Indonesian Authorities do not take kindly to foreigners messing with the rules and will be sure to enforce full penalties to you and our company for violation. STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ON ANY OF OUR VESSELS OR AT RESORT.



WHAT IS THE DAILY SURFING SITUATION WITH SPEEDBOATS? Each house of 8 surfers has a dedicated western surf guide and quality western speedboat. Each day is different pending swell, weather and surf guides call. Every day is an adventure, some destinations require a full day, packed lunch outing while others are a short drive away and allow for a return to resort for lunch. Day to day surfing calls will depend on the weather as usual.


DO I NEED BOOTIES? This one depends on the individual. Booties are a great accessory for surfing over coral reef but not absolutely essential. If you don’t mind wearing these then wear them every day, nothing worse than ruining a great trip because of a small infected scratched on the toe. Wearing booties at least gives you something to push away from the reef with rather than doing the starfish and hoping for the best.


DO YOU HAVE DING REPAIR SERVICE? Yes we do. Prices start from around $10 for an average travel or reef ding.


I’M NOT A REAL COMPETENT SURFER OR HAVEN’T SURFED MUCH IN 10 YEARS. WHATS MY CHANCES? There are waves for all levels of surfers in the Telo area. Beginners, cruisy mal waves, retro fish and fun board, SUP, competent younger fellas, above average solid surfers and up to world class barrels  for chargers and professionals. The Telos have plenty of variety for all levels.


DO YOU HAVE SPARE SURFING ACCESSORIES IN CASE I BREAK A LEG ROPE ETC? We have a small stash of fins and leggies etc to help out if needed.


WHAT TIME IS SUNRISE/ SUNSET? Roughly 0600hrs and 1900hrs.


HOW MANY AND WHAT STYLE OF BOARDS DO YOU SUGGEST? We suggest you bring along 2-3 boards- a fun shorter board (what you usually ride in smaller waves, perhaps wider), a down the line short board for those better days or tubing days and a step up gun with a rounded pin usually for the bigger stuff.


DO YOU HAVE FISHING GEAR AND SNORKELING GEAR ON THE ISLAND? Yes we have a full range of trawling and spinning rods and reels, plenty of snorkeling gear and basic spear fishing equipment to use while out on the speedboats or back on the Island.


DO YOU HAVE SCUBA DIVING ON THE ISLAND? At this stage we do not offer scuba diving at RLZ. Most of the beauty in this area is in the top 5m and we feel snorkeling really does cover the fun factor.


DO MANY CHARTER BOATS VISIT THE TELO AREA? Yes, some charter boats do visit the Telo area on their own surfing sojourn however certainly not in the density that has been seen in the Mentawai area in recent years. We keep open communication with most boats if any are in the neighborhood to ensure all guests in the area are enjoying the stoke of surfing this special region with a bit of open space.