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Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 04.05.18
Swell: 3-6 Ft
Wave Frequency: 16 Seconds

02.05.18 – Awaking to perfection in the Telo Islands is pretty easy to take.

What a day! After having constant winds blowing over the last couple of days it was a nice change to wake up to absolute perfect conditions and a solid swell from the south opening up some of our favourite spots and with a swell so big it also opens up all the little crooks and crannies throughout the Telo island chain giving us plenty of options for waves and covering everyone’s skill levels and wants when it comes to experiencing a tropical surf holiday in West Sumatra.

Speaking of covering the bangalow guest here at Resort Latitude Zero at the moment have gone with the Simon “Swilly” Williams professional photo package as you see the gold pictured below. Swilly gives the guest the chance to have their surfing covered from every angle including amazing water shots, land shots and plenty of lifestyle shots so you are sure to have that pool room wall poster just to rub in how good your time was here in the tropics.

Yours truly surf guide team at Resort Latitude Zero.

You can arrange to have Simon “Swilly” Williams capture your Telo Island experience. Click here to make an enquiry.

Thanks for the pics Swilly.

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