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Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 22.05.18
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Swell still from south west with a bit more west in it last 2 days 220 degrees, water temp 28

Wind non-existent until the mid mornings light north/ northwest

Across onshore and mixed offshore few isolated storms around that don’t last long bit of tropical rain thunder and lightning which was cool to watch then clearing quite fast to a beautiful clear sunny afternoon and another epic sunset over resort latitude zero

Tides big high tide early fading to mid to low throughout middle of the day then filling in again on dark

Some super glassy waves lately with all the surfers spending most of all the day in the lineup catching the perfect conditions we have had on offer

Also our guests have been enjoying swilly the photographer floating around in the water taking snaps for us, we have picked a bunch of sick photos from him for this weeks surf reports so thanks for the awesome shots been a pleasure having you here with us again at Resort latitude zero. Click here to view Swilly’s website.

Cheers guys

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