Date: 21.09.17
Swell: 3-4ft
Wave Frequency: 13secs

We saw it all today… Storms, Sunshine, Party waves, Carnage, drop knee surfing, fishing… This is what happens when you mix a bunch of boisterous Kiwi’s with a 3-4FT southwest groundswell mixed with strong NW winds, in our profession we call it monkey magic!

South house and Bungalow 1 boats teamed up to score some super fun waves (in between the countless Bintangs) at a local favorite by ourselves for half a day. What the boys lacked in ability they made up in sheer froth levels, smiles ear to ear after surfing for 4 hours by themselves, luckily as there were boards flying everywhere… Jokes were made that there were more missiles flying in the session than a North Korea missile test.

Special shout-out to Hunter for cracking 4 surfs in 1 day for the 1st time in his life and Dave for his party surfing drop knee antics.


The RLZ Team


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