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RLZ Wave Guide_Rangas 01


Right. reef ledge bending into deep channel, punchy wave with an amazing keg section from take off and all the way through with a great end hook section to belt the bageeezzus out of it. The bigger the wave get...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Depth Chargers 01

Depth Chargers

Right. Balls to the wall, grinding tube. This wave is the jewel in the crown with perfect tubes for over 100m.

RLZ Wave Guide_Monkeys 03


Right. The most consistent wave in the Island chain. A-frame take off with ripple wall into a channel. A wave like no other and is suited to your beginner right through to your most experienced surfers.

RLZ Wave Guide_Bombers 01


Right. A classic Indo reef break with a defined peak take off. Fast waves for 200m with 3 distinct tube sections. barrels galore with speed runs in between. Handles most swell and really fires on larger swells. There is also...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Jurassic Park 01

Jurassic Park

Left. A ledgy barrel from the take off before reeling down the reef for multiple turns. An A grade wave and a favourite for all who surf it.

RLZ Wave Guide_Mishos 01


Left. A typical long peeling Sumatran left wrapping its way around a beautiful tropical island. Multiple sections allow plenty of opportunity for big maneuvers and tube. This wave is one of the more consistent breaks in the area and suitable...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Le Bar 01

Le Bar

Right. Awesome right hand peak that bends its way down the reef provide smackable bowl sections for 70 meters. Definitely a favourite for all that have surf it. A really fun wave with minimal consequences that stands up with a nice...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Sipika 01


Right. When it’s day comes its a fantastic big wave destination suited to all but beginners. A spot to get the ride of your life for over 300m. Everything is big about Sipika, it can provide walls that stretch out...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Easy Peazys 02

Easy Peazy

Left and Right peak. A very consistent fun wave for all levels of surfing with the right hander having more quality and better shape with racy sections to gouge.

RLZ Wave Guide_Pinnacles 03


Right. Picture perfect peaky wave, suitable for all ability levels. Surf able from waist up to head high. Shifty and confused when swell is larger. One of the most scenic spots you will ever surf.

RLZ Wave Guide_Schoolyard 01


Right. The main peak picks up plenty of swell. Great for chasing a bit of power on smaller days. This shifty peak offers excellent rides if you are in the right spot. The surrounding peaks and reefs has some good...

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RLZ Wave Guide_The Shoe 01

The Shoe

Right. Quality, powerful reef break that can handle real size. A great wave when all the conditions come together offering a long challenging right hand tubing wave.

RLZ Wave Guide_Bum Cracks 01

Bum Cracks

Left and Right, breaking into an amazing channel. The last place in the island chain that draws in swell on small to flat days. Plenty of sea life and a perfect anchorage to spend the day in the water snorkeling...

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The Beach Break

Left and Right Peak. A fun sand bottom beach break setup that offers some powerful world class sand bottom peaks.

RLZ Wave Guide_Coffins 01

The Coffin

Right. A long grinding wave with multiple tube sections. Handles large swells and  big barrels are common. Watch out for the end section.

RLZ Wave Guide_Bojo 06


Left. a series of lefts running down an untouched island with the outside peak being the pick of the bunch. Deep water wave so suited for all levels of surfing and craft. breaks from small to double overhead with long...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Wilk's Peak 01

Wilk’s Peak

Right. Short, mechanical peak up to head high with the chance of tubes.

RLZ Wave Guide_New School 01

New School

Right. Not often surfed because of the better quality of the waves with in eye shot in either direction but this sucky peak breaking out of a small rip provides great rides for over  50 m with a very workable...

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RLZ Wave Guide_Mysto 01


Left. This perfect wave provides epic tubes from the take off and handles a solid size swell. Get in and get pitted before the end section races off too fast.

RLZ Wave Guide_JB's 01


Left. A perfect barreling wave on larger swells. This is a super shallow tubing long left offering a challenging grinding tube ride.

RLZ Wave Guide_The Unknown Realm 01

The Unknown Realm

Along with the known and regularly surfed reef breaks in the area. We also have miles of beach breaks that like other beach breaks rely on sand movement and bank formation and provide varying quality of waves from small beach...

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