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10 Apr 2017

We sat down with our very own resident photographer Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams, to talk about his love affair with Resort Latitude Zero and the Telo Islands, and the upcoming release of his new book, featuring a collection of photographs he’s taken over the years at some of his favourite spots!

SWILL! How long have you been coming over to RLZ?  

I’ve been coming to RLZ for a long time I remember when Resort Manager Matt first started to clear the jungle…


And in your time you’ve seen some pretty solid perfect days. Do you have a favourite session?

I’ve seen so many I could not call one all time session. It pumps so much it’s impossible to pull one session out. I do however, have a favourite photo! Been Morrison at one of our favourite local spots: 


You’ve been working on a book lately. Tell us about it?

I’ve always wanted to do a book and I hope that it gives a little insight into my life. I certainly love my job and all the places I go and all the great humans I meet, and I really hope you all enjoy my work.

Where can we get our hands on it?  

The books are available in all good book shops or posted to you for free from 

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