09 Dec 2020

After being isolated for so long at Resort Latitude Zero with our focus only on tides, wind and swell and with no care for masks or social distancing, coming to grips with the outside world’s “new normal” was always going to be a bit nerve racking for us as we slowly and reluctantly started making plans to reintegrate to normal society after over 5 months of Telo lockdown.

Huey was not making the decision to leave Telo easy with more swell on the horizon to kick start the month and time to pull out the big wave boards once again with the right handers continuing to be the pick.

Sooly’s (and his twin sons’) birthday was set for the 7th and Huey had swell stacked once again as yet another timely birthday present.

It was shaping up to be our last hurrah as a lockdown surfing group before disbanding and heading our separate ways to resume normal life as best as possible.

Into late August and beyond we continued to surf epic waves most weeks but simply stopped taking photos with most surfing done alone.

Take a look at some of the surfing action below from the last hurrah swell for the locked down Resort Latitude Zero team in early August, 2020, “The Year That Wasn’t”.



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