20 Nov 2020

As we continue our reflection on 2020 – The Year That Wasn’t!, we share a rundown for those of you out there wondering how we are going out here at Resort Latitude Zero in 2020. We hope you enjoyed our May update. Here’s what has been happening in June at Resort Latitude Zero.

In early in June we had Tyler’s birthday and a chance to invite our friends from around the island chain to help celebrate. With not much else to celebrate this year, we certainly made the most of it. The fire pit BBQ was fired up, a Latitude Zero special fruit punch was mixed, and a great time had by all.

The kids enjoyed the time catching up with others and with Larry constantly at their side had a great time snorkelling with Dave’s underwater camera and playing on SUP and kayaks on the beach.

Huey also came to the party and Tyler’s birthday swell will go down as one of the surfing days of the year with a bunch of mates trading off barrels at flawless Depth Chargers right in the backyard for hours.

We had some light south winds creeping into Telo at times during June and most other sessions where targeted around the long and consistent left walls of Mishos, occasionally sharing some waves with the surf guide caretakers of Telo Island Lodge but mainly on our own.

The lighter and more stable south wind patterns through periods of June also helped to replenish a lot of the erosion damage around the island chain from May’s vicious northerly storms before the inevitable La Nina patterns would eventually take grip later in the year.

As we headed towards the end of the month there was a huge purple blob of particular interest starting to generate deep in the southern Indian Ocean. It was clearly shaping up as the swell of the year so far and with more southerly winds predicated for the peak of the swell, we finally settled on targeting one of Telo’s most perfect and most isolated left handers. We surfed ourselves to a standstill in the epic lefts for most of the day to round out a pretty memorable month for surfing in Telo.

Check out some of the surfing action below from these 2 standout sessions during our third full month of isolated island lockdown – June 2020, “The Year That Wasn’t”.



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