17 Dec 2020

As we headed into the end of the traditional high swell season, quality waves maintained right through September, but again, while mostly surfing alone there has rarely been a need to take out the camera.

Resort Latitude Zero surf guide Tyler was the last to leave the island and exited via Nias mid-September striking into one of the swells of the year on his way out the door and swinging into what the Lagundri Bay locals are calling “biggest wave ridden at Nias in 2020”.

Huey maintained the intensity right into the end of October and even first few days of November with one final cracking 8-10ft swell before he finally decided to turn off the deep Southern Ocean swell machine moving towards the fun summer months.

November has been quite wet in Telo with fun but smallish surf only, and no standout sessions to note.

Moving into December now and we continue to see small summer swells only at this stage with nothing major on the horizon as yet but we are out getting wet every day and no doubt see a good Santa Claus swell as so often is the case.

Our focus continues on supporting our amazing staff as best as possible, maintaining Resort Latitude Zero and her fleet of high-quality aluminum speedboats to the industry-leading standard we are renowned for ready for your return.

Historically January, February, March and April have amazing weather in Telo with plenty of fun-sized perfection.

We are now COVID safe certified and are allowed to accommodate guests so if you are in Indonesia or a country without border restrictions and ready to score some empty Telo perfection after the festive season, please drop us a line for discussion on our enquires page here https://resortlatitudezero.com/enquire/

Check out Tyler’s bomb Nias wave and some fun had around Telo in September and October in 2020, “The Year That Wasn’t”.




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