Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

FAQ Group: Time for surfing and water activities

Do I need booties?

It depends on the individual. Booties are a great accessory for surfing over coral reefs but are not essential. They are recommended to avoid small infected scratches on the foot.

What is the daily surfing situation 

Most of our surfing focus is on the point directly in front of the resort. If that is not on then we have other options 30 minute speedboat ride away.

Do you have scuba diving?

No we do not offer scuba diving. Most of the beauty in this area is in the top 5m, and snorkeling is considered sufficient.

Do you have fishing gear and snorkeling gear?

Yes, a full range of trolling and spinning rods and reels, plenty of snorkeling gear, and basic spearfishing equipment are available for use while out on the speedboats or back on the Island.