Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

FAQ Group: Time for surfing and water activities

What is the daily surfing situation with speedboats?

We have 4 dedicated surfing speedboats in the water at any time (2 x house groups & 2 x bungalow groups). Each boat has a Western surf guide and the day’s surfing is dependent on swell, weather, and the surf guide’s call. Some destinations require a full-day outing, others are a short drive away.

Do I need booties?

It depends on the individual. Booties are a great accessory for surfing over coral reefs but are not essential. They are recommended to avoid small infected scratches on the foot.

Do many charter boats visit the Telo area?

Yes, some charter boats do visit the Telo area on their own surfing sojourn, however, not in the density seen in the Mentawai area in recent years. Communication with most boats ensures all guests in the area enjoy surfing this region with some open space.