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18 Oct 2017

This is what we live for out here at Resort Latitude Zero, some special feedback like this goes a long way especially from someone like Dale Thomas! Thanks for the epic trip Dale we look forward to seeing you again soon! Check the feedback out below.

“Good Evening Deb,

As I start this email I would firstly like to say a HUGE thank you to yourself for all you help, time and effort that went into sorting out our trip to RLZ this year. Your prompt responses and detail in all our communication, made organising my dysfunctional bunch of mates a hole lot easier, i literally couldn’t have done it with ought you, so many thanks.

We have been doing our annual surf trips now for 10 years, this has seen us be lucky enough to travel to many locations and experience a fast variety of resorts and surf camps alike.

However the more we have ventured, the more we keep coming to the realisation that RLZ is the best Surf Resort potentially on the planet. The trip we have just returned from is the reason that has driven me to pass this email on, as it would be unjust to not send our appreciation to all the staff for making our trip the best one we have ever had .

The level of professionalism shown around the resort is simply second to none, Big Wally was not only a familiar face , but he has obviously stepped us his own game in the way he was able to run the place since our first encounter some 8 years ago, he managed to tee up an 8 aside soccer match and also with his pal Sooly, allow us footy tragic victorians to experience the AFL grand final on an island in the middle of no where! 

As return guests we obviously have made some friends out there over the years, one of them being Chaddy, and although this year caddy wasn’t to be out there during our stay , he had personally assured us that our guide would be a star and that he would pass on our love for fishing at the end of a long days surfing. 

Well that guide turned out to be JACK! What a bloody legend, not only was Jack a terrific person to have on the boat all day, his willingness to try and find us the most suitable surf, for some of our less experienced team, was unbelievable, he would also paddle out with them and coach them in the surf giving them pointers through out the days, this not only saw my mates improve out of sight day by day, but ensured they had a genuine trip of a life time on their very first surf adventure.

We all genuinely had the best surfing week of our lives and are extremely grateful for all the great staff out there at latitude zero. 

Thanks again to you all , and congratulations on having a truly amazing surf camp in paradise.


Dale Thomas

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