Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

01. Before You Travel

01 – Telo Islands Information Sheet

When your booking is confirmed (60 days before departure date), you will receive our Guest Information Sheet. Please fill out with all guest names, email address, Travel Insurance Policy Number, flight information, and passport details and return to as soon as possible.

This is to ensure all airport transfers and logistics in Padang and Telo Island run smoothly for your group and also in case of any emergencies. At this time please also double-check you have at least 6 months validity on your passport at time of travel.

02 – Guest Information Required

All guests must have full comprehensive travel/medical insurance which should include a Medevac option and compensation for any lost resort days that may be incurred due to unforeseen circumstances, injuries, or emergencies. Please be sure that your insurance policy you have selected also includes the ‘Cancellation and additional expenses’ clause, which covers trip cancellation costs if you can’t travel because one of your traveling party, close relatives or business partner has fallen ill, become injured, or passed away.

03 – Insurance


04 – Visa

The ‘Visa On Arrival’ (VOA) can be obtained directly when you land at certain airports and seaports in Indonesia. As of 2023, the cost is Rp 500,000 per person paid on arrival. Best to bring along Rp cash if possible.

You can also apply online prior for an e-VOA @ E-Visa The VOA is valid for 30 days. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you need to plan ahead. Visa on Arrival can be extended for another 30 days at any immigration office in Indonesia with a fee (best to use a visa agent).

For further information be sure to check out


05 – Government Obligations

You will need to bring 2 color photocopies of your passport as we are required by law to file a police report for each guest. One will be handed to reception and one for you to keep on you in case of lost passport or any emergency along the way.

06 – Medical Conditions

Should you or anyone need to contact the resort urgently please use the following contacts. Latitude Zero Resort in Telo Islands doesn’t have a landline.

For flight issues along the way – missed/delayed/cancelled leading up to your arrival.


Latitude Zero Resort in Telo Islands has very poor phone signal coverage.

Telephone +62 811668949 (Adam)

WhatsApp  (Adam)

We do have WIFI available at the resort (please see reception menu attached for prices) and we suggest Apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, etc. to keep in contact with your family while staying with us.

If you have any anaphylactic allergy or any life-threatening condition requiring special medicines, PLEASE BRING THESE WITH YOU.


07 – How Many Boards Should I Bring?

Most people bring 2-3 boards- a normal shortboard, a step-up board for those bigger days, and a fun board (fish/retro) for the smaller days.

Please note: Susi airline has strict payload and space restrictions for the charter flight from Padang to Telo return. If you choose to bring excess surfboards and luggage, you will run the risk of yours or other surfboards not fitting on the transfer flight. We advise pack as lightly and compactly as possible, especially in regard to surfboard bags.

There is no exact payload limit per charter due to various body weight, weather conditions, and other operational factors set by the pilot day to day. Generally speaking, 20kg allowance each for boards & luggage should be plenty for a tropical surf holiday without wetsuits & winter clothes, etc. Latitude Zero provides complimentary laundry service, boat towels, padded day use surfboard covers of all sizes, and wax to assist you to pack & travel light for your surfing holiday.

Latitude Zero has a range of surfboards onsite for guest use. If you prefer to travel without surfboards you can select from our catalog to use during your stay.


08 – Flight Information

An easy way to search 100% up-to-date flight schedules for any route on any day is to search – “flight (departure city) to (destination city) schedule”

Please see some useful regional links below to help plan your journey to Padang if not using a travel agent:

  • Jakarta to Padang
  • Padang to Jakarta
  • Denpasar to Jakarta
  • Jakarta to Denpasar
  • Singapore to Jakarta
  • Jakarta to Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur to Padang
  • Padang to Kuala Lumpur

If you need or choose to overnight along the way due to your flight schedule, we recommend one of the following hotels that you will find on any travel app:

09 – Transit Hotel Information (Jakarta & Padang)

Jakarta Airport (Transit Hotels)

  • Anara Airport Hotel (Terminal 3)
  • Jakarta Airport Hotel
  • Swiss-Bell Hotel Airport
  • The 101 Jakarta Airport CBC
  • FM7

Jakarta City (Menteng area – close to restaurants, malls & tourist attractions of Jakarta)

  • Morrissey Hotel
  • Stanley Wahid Hasyim Jakarta
  • Sari Pacific Hotel
  • Akmani Hotel Jakarta
  • Santika Premiere


  • Mercure Hotel
  • Axana Hotel
  • Grand Zuri
  • D’Ox Ville Hotel
  • Pangeran Beach

10 – Padang Airport & Transfers to Latitude Zero Resort | Telo Islands

Our English-speaking Ground Handling Staff will be at the airport to greet you and ensure that all of your luggage is taken care of and will take care of any unforeseen travel issues that may arise with airlines and/or ticketing. It is customary within Indonesian airports to use their porter services to help with your surfboards and baggage. Please have small money to tip your porter for his services (approximately Rp. 50,000 or $5.00 AUD). Our representative will be waiting outside the airport with an RLZ sign in clear view. You will either connect straight onto your scheduled transfer flight to the Telo Islands or overnight in Padang.

If overnighting, we will transfer you to your chosen hotel & you will also be advised as to what time you need to be ready in the hotel reception for your transfer back to the airport & out to the islands.

Please Note:

  • The commercial flight company we use is not owned or related to Latitude Zero Resorts in any way, we simply book and pay for your transfer flights for you and your personal belongings.
  • If we encounter any delays with this service due to weather, mechanical, or other reasons we will accommodate you as best we can.
  • As outlined in our Terms & Conditions it is mandatory for all guests to use a suitable travel insurance policy to cover Medical Evacuation Emergencies (Medevac) and compensation for loss of resort days due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • A copy of your Travel Insurance Policy must be carried with you to Latitude Zero in Telo Islands.
  • The scheduled transfer flight is roughly a one-hour flight to Telo airport (Lasonde LSE). Here you will be met by one of our Foreign Surf Guides and transferred by speedboat through mostly protected waterways (approximately 15 nm) to the Resort where you will get settled into your room, have a cool drink, a bite to eat and then it’s time to go surfing.
  • At the request of Telo airport aviation security and local village elders – please refrain from giving snacks, gifts, money, pens, or anything to the children that sometimes hang around Telo airport because it is creating a bad culture for them to deal with internally with this very young and easily influenced generation as a community. Us as visitors have an obligation to respect and support their cause.

Please ensure you read and understand our terms and conditions.