Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

Bima Airport

Our English-speaking Ground Handling Staff will be at the small Bima airport to greet you. Our representative will be waiting just out front of main doors with a Latitude Zero sign and shirt in clear view. It is customary within Indonesian airports to use their porter services to help with your surfboards and baggage. Please have small money to tip your porter for his services (approximately Rp. 50,000 or $5.00 AUD). The transfer from Bima airport to the resort is roughly 1.5 hour drive in our 4-wheel drive twin cabs. The last 20 minutes is a rugged dirt road, leading into our remote resort location.

Latitude Zero Resort I Nusa Tenggara is situated in a secluded and reasonably remote part of Bima province, however the overcrowded surfing region of Lakey Peak is also accessed via Bima airport. It is advisable to not discuss your destination with other surfers while traveling to and from Bima.

The last thing you want is a bimo load of frothing and inquisitive surfers making the trek from Lakey Peak to come surf The Point.While Bali airport check in is quite modern and efficient, Bima airport is a little less organized and more “rural”. We can arrange VIP service on departure for Rp150.000 to save you lining up for check in on departure day. This his highly recommended and can be paid at the resort on checkout if you would like this service.