Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

The Surf

Most waves are suited to intermediate surfers most of the time and your regular surfboard will be suitable most of the time. The take offs are generally reasonably mechanical so it is rare you will need a big wave gun board to enjoy these waves in most conditions. A slightly bigger board may help if we are looking at a large swell window for your trip.  The point out front is the main focus of our surfing.

Depending on where you sit the point caters for all levels. The top of the point is a heavy and hollow barrel section, the rest of the point offers a more friendly long open wall that allows many turns and ends up in a bowly section into the channel.  If smaller swells not quite big enough for the point, 20 minutes away we have a selection of swell magnet waves –

A reasonably mechanical wrapping left with tube sections and plenty of room for manoeuvres.
A barrelling take off right that allows for turns down the line.
A left/right peak. Longer rights with open faces, a chance of the odd tube and a shorter left barrel.
If larger swells too big for The Point, we have an excellent long tubing right nearby that also provides workable walls on the higher tides.
There is also a friendly left option in the same channel when the swell is up.