18 May 2017

We were very happy to have hosted Gavan Clarke at Resort Latitude Zero this month to run ALL resort staff through some rigorous first aid seminars and practical training.

Gavan is an Australian helicopter paramedic with over 30 years experience and has worked as the ASP/WSL event paramedic for over 20 years.

The aims of the ongoing medical training program is to prepare and train our staff to handle minor medical incidents right up to worst case scenario emergencies to ensure our resort guests are taken care of to professional standards in the event of a medical or emergency situation.

At Resort Latitude Zero we endeavour to maintain a safe working environment for staff and guests, and having Gav on site has been a positive step toward this end.

We hope that these seminars and practical training sessions have given all staff some valuable knowledge and life skills that can be beneficial to their private lives and family in the predominantly water-based transport communities of the Telo Islands.

Gavan’s time at Resort Latitude Zero covered-

  • Resuscitation, mannequin and defibrillator training
  • Basic first aid treatments for – choking, cuts, burns etc
  • Spinal injury
  • Hygiene and sterile fields
  • Standard operations procedures, signage, maintenance
  • Water rescue and field simulations
  • Overall operations evaluation and recommendations

Thanks Gav! See ya next season.

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