Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

First Aid

Master 5 captains

Ensuring our fleet complies with international safety standards and national maritime rules and regulations.

Qualified LifeguardS

Providing specialist surveillance, advice, supervision, safety, first aid and rescue services.

First Aid Professionals

Spinal injury response, Advance resuscitation, Defibrillator operation, Senior First Aid etc.

Our core stAff

Our experience in the field of dealing with day-to-day surfing injuries, general sicknesses and out of the ordinary tropical issues is second to none. Rest assured while on our boats or staying in the resort someone is watching you and will handle any injuries or illnesses with care and professionalism.

Our captains and surf guides have over 20 years experience at sea in this remote area and know the importance of being prepared for the worst and leaving nothing to chance when it comes to being confronted with a serious injury.

This is our core staff and operators, the guys you will be mostly surfing with every day.

We pride ourselves on keeping our medical kits and stores up-to-date and fully stocked at all times. We are constantly adding and improving our equipment, learning and researching new and modern techniques.

Travel insurance is mandatory for all guests staying at Latitude Zero Resorts. In over 30 years of surf chartering throughout Indonesia we have rarely come across an injury we cannot take care of ourselves, however worse case scenarios are very expensive. 

Please ensure you are FULLY covered for medical evacuation, and please check with your family doctor to make sure you up-to-date with all vaccinations suggested for the South East Asia region.

Of course, all of these precautions are just that – precautions. We prepare ourselves for worst case scenario, so you don’t have to worry and can kick back and enjoy your holiday in the sun knowing you are in safe hands.