Please find below Our Policy Concerning Holiday Deposits Received Pre-Covid Pandemic

Updated: 20th March 2021

Resort Latitude Zero will continue to honour all deposits received pre Pandemic as holiday credits at a future date extended to December 31, 2022.

We are continuously monitoring the international travel situation as it evolves and will update our policy as required again in the future.

Our sales & reservations team will continue to work at facilitate necessary date amendments and future travel credits as we go.

Please understand that everyone’s bookings will be rescheduled to a future date. As per the terms and conditions on our website, there will be no reimbursements of payments for cancelled holidays. All credits will be held in trust and your surfing trip transferred to a future date. To be fair this needs to be strictly adhered to across the board.

RLZ continues to support all permanent Indonesian staff even after over 12 months of no operations or revenue. Non Telo domiciled staff are home on a reduced wage packet and we continue to support our local Telo staff members with full employment and full wages to maintain the premises and assets to the high RLZ standard as always.

The current ongoing and total disruption to international borders and overseas travel from Australia and elsewhere will eventually end, hopefully sooner rather than later. We will then be able to resume on our mission of ‘Sharing the Stoke of Surfing’ with all of our extended family and friends. We look forward to getting tubed with you again very soon.

Yours sincerely

The RLZ Management team

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