Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

Location: Nusa Tenggara Resort

Beachfront Bungalows

Embark on a retreat at our Latitude Zero I Nusa Tenggara, where luxury meets the serenity of nature. Our premium bungalows, limited to just four beachfront havens, offer an unparalleled boutique experience. Each bungalow is a sanctuary of privacy and comfort, designed for those who seek a touch of distinction in their surfing getaway. Nestled […]

Garden Villas

Escape to our exquisite villas at Latitude Zero | Nusa Tenggara, where privacy and spacious luxury harmonize. Set back from the beach for a secluded ambiance. Our villas offer a range of 2 to 4-bedroom configurations, each boasting its own private pool. These villas are designed to provide the ultimate private residence experience, blending the […]