20 Feb 2020

Well the answers is YES! and here is WHY.

Waves – Throughout this and every February we always get a pretty consistent run of waves from 2 to 6 feet. It always surprises our guests that visit this time of year and they are often back the same time each year after. Below is a collection of this month from around the resort.

Weather – Because the Telo Islands is far enough away from the Sumatran mainland we often have our own localised weather. For sailers going through the region many years ago this was known as the Doldrums. Also called equatorial calms, equatorial regions of light ocean currents and winds. This makes for light variable conditions. For us glassy clean conditions.

Crowds – This is usually the off peak season where most travellers and resorts simply are not open or are not travelling. For you this often means sessions with just your friends out. Our privately charted plane makes for a easy connection from Padang, arriving you in the Telo’s surfing and enjoying your holiday that day.

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