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15 Dec 2016

Over the years, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of hosting Australian Artist and icon Neale Joseph here at Resort Latitude Zero many times. Neale’s an avid surfer, but when he’s here he divides his time equally between surfing the perfect waves, and capturing them in beautiful landscape oil paintings. He has a certain ‘nack’ for capturing the beauty of this zone… Perhaps a result of seeing it from a surfer’s eye… Who knows!


Renowned for his exquisite landscape works, Neale is an award winning contemporary Australian artist. His trademark coastal works are a personal rendition of Neale’s affinity with the sea, influenced by the Central Coast area where he spent all his recreational time growing up at the family holiday home. Neale captures the beauty of this diverse country with vibrant colours and a unique interpretation that flows from the heart.

During September, Neale hosted a sell-out exhibition (Sept 18 – Oct 16) at the Performing Arts Centre, Central Coast entitled ‘Neale Joseph – Latitude Zero’ and featuring works he created whilst on the island. On the opening night of the exhibition Neale painted live for charity to raise much needed funds for young Brock (7yrs old) who suffers with severe congenital muscular dystrophy. Neale was accompanied by Australia’s leading dance band and Aria award winners Art Vs Science as he painted his masterpiece. It was an incredible moment as the arts performed live together. The painting was auctioned off on the night raising over $21,000 for Brock.


“I have been blessed to travel the world and paint. In my 26 years of painting as a profession I am yet to find a location more inspirational and beautiful as the Telo Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia. As a surfer and an artist, Telo Islands provided the perfect studio. World class waves, pristine water, uninhabited islands and tropical beaches. I want this exhibition to give you an escape to paradise. Welcome to Latitude Zero.”

Book your trip to the Telo Islands and see some of this natural beauty in the flesh!

Check out some of Neale’s work right here!

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