Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

Calling All Surf-Loving Families!

Are you dreaming of postcard perfect beaches, epic waves, and unforgettable memories with your loved ones for your next holiday?

Latitude Zero Resorts I Telo Islands has created a special family package to help make your dream a reality despite the common strains of the post Covid economy.


  • Purpose bult joining rooms where needed.

  • Large indoor areas for kids’ activities.

  • Large yards for football, cricket etc.

  • Table tennis and billiards.

  • Swimming pool and sheltered child safe beach wrapping the island.

  • A range of resort surfboards of all sizes for guest use to ease the burden of flight luggage and airline surfboard fees when traveling with a family.

  • Industry leading international standard seaworthy vessels skippered by experienced and qualified captains and crew.

  • High safety protocols across all operations, including marine.

  • Caring and professional surf guides to ensure you are safe and stoked at all times.

  • Surfing lessons available.

  • Professional spa facility and services.

  • Child minding service available for an extra fee.

  • Professional and qualified chefs to ensure even

    the fussiest kids are well catered for.

  • Sumatra’s best milkshakes and smoothies!

Telo Islands has a huge variety of waves with nearly 50 breaks to choose from pending conditions. many are suitable for beginners and learners, including sheltered sand bottom beach breaks for even the shyest novice to catch their first waves.

Check out our

While the peak of the southern hemisphere winter is renowned for incredible surf across Indonesia, spring, autumn and summer can be just as fun, especially for families and kids not chasing huge waves.

Flick through our surf reports from the summer just passed to see how much fun we have been having on our own while other operators close down.

Mention “the family package” when enquiring below to see our special mate’s rates to inspire your next epic family surf holiday!


Surfing has witnessed numerous innovations, but the two-piece surfboard is particularly notable. Originating from Karl Pope’s 1964 patent, it has evolved significantly, with Mike Becker at Carbon Compact enhancing its design and construction. These surfboards now balance strength and flexibility, offering performance comparable to traditional single-piece boards.

Two-piece surfboard

Travel Friendly design –

  1. Ease of Transportation: The two-piece longboard’s design allows for quick disassembly, making it highly portable. This feature is a boon for surfers traveling by air or with limited vehicle space.

  2. Durability in Transit: These surfboards are engineered for resilience during travel. The robust construction, especially at the connection points, ensures that the board remains stable and undamaged, providing surfers with confidence that their board will endure the rigors of transit.

  3. Storage Solutions: The compact nature of two-piece longboards when disassembled is a significant advantage for those with limited storage space.

  4. Travel Cost Savings: The collapsible design can lead to savings on travel costs. Given that airlines often charge hefty fees for oversized baggage, the ability to break down the surfboard into a more manageable size can reduce or eliminate these extra charges, making it a cost-effective option for frequent travellers.

Juan Hernandez from The Inertia, in his experience with the Carbon Compact collapsible system, found it impressively comparable to traditional surfboards. The additional weight from the carbon rods was minimal, and crucially, it didn’t compromise the board’s integrity. The board demonstrated resilience and did not show any predisposition to breakage at the joints, a common concern with two-piece designs. This testing validates the Carbon Compact system as a robust, performance-oriented solution, offering the practicality of a collapsible board without sacrificing the essential qualities surfers seek in a high-performance surfboard.

The advent of the two-piece longboard surfboard marks a significant innovation in the world of surfing, particularly for those bitten by the travel bug. While traditional longboards will always have their place in the surf community, the two-piece design offers a compelling alternative for those prioritizing ease of travel and storage. Its performance, though slightly different, does not stray far from the classic longboard experience, making it a worthy consideration for surfers looking to explore the world’s waves with less hassle and more freedom.

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