Empty waves please captain!

We had a mission to score.

Nomad welcomed a great bunch of lads from Norfolk Island for the early August trip. Our mission was to find empty waves and that we did.

Venturing to lesser surfed areas was in our sights and we scored several epic sessions this trip with only Nomad in the channel. Thanks for an awesome trip guys, great part of the world we live in up here.


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The Yamba crew had a trip to remember!

July 25- The day the monster swell arrived Indonesia….and the Mentawai Islands lit up !

The Nomad sailed out to meet it hosting a bunch of good fellas from Yamba and Angourie.

With the ocean alive we started off with some dreamy Telescopes to warm the fellas up, then waxed our guns up for the afternoon mega session around the corner as the swell peaked. Some perfect solid 10 footers where there for any takers keen to have a dig.

With the swell showing no sign of disappearing we had the name break on our mind and scored some awesome sessions at empty Greenbush and empty Macaronis empty.

We soon set sail to the southern region of the Mentawai scoring along the way and hitting some of lesser known locations on the map with Nomad regularly the only vessel in site for most of this trip.

Fishing was popular, although losing more fish then landed but It was all about the surf this trip. One of the best by far !

Swell size: 6-10 foot

Period:18-20 seconds

Crowd factor: only boat in the channel


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Small crew enjoy uncrowded waves!

Plenty of waves, smiles and good times!

The early July trip was loaded with swell from the south.

The nomad sailed around the islands with only 3 punters on the last trip.

With plenty of swell in the ocean and variable winds for the first half gave us plenty of options to find waves with only 3 people out.

The back half of the trip the wind became pretty stiff out of the south direction but the swell didnt dissapoint with the crowds hitting the names we were able to bunker down and let the wind blow us to a few moe of those untouched coastline.

Thanks for the good times and sharing waves.


The old nomad is a spacious vessel it was a pleasure to sail around the menatwai islands.



Swell size:4, 6 foot 16s

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Great trip with a small crew

Plenty of for a couple of mates!

The early July trip on the good ship Nomad was loaded with swell predominantly from more southerly direction than usual and with only a handful of lucky fellas onboard it was always going to be a great trip.

With plenty of swell in the ocean and variable winds for the first half we had plenty of options for quality waves with only 3 guys in the water- stuff surfing dreams are made of.

The back half of the trip was dominated by some pretty stiff south winds bunching up the fleet a little as we hit the wind protected name breaks for a taste, but the swell hung in and kept the stoke levels high to the end.

Sailing the Mentawai islands for 2 weeks with just a few mates aboard Nomad is as good as it gets!

Thanks for the good times and fun sessions guys.

Captain Jake

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Eye candy and memories!

The lads have left the Nomad with some memories that will last a lifetime!

Here is a collection of epic eye candy from Nomad’s early June trip.

As usual our surf guide Jake leading the charge and making sure Nomad is in the right spot at the right time to score the gold.

The lads had a great adventure through the Mentawais getting a great range of swells and waves.

The Nomad

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Great bunch of Kiwi Lads Onboard!

Surfing scenic glory through Sumatra.

For our early May trip we were welcomed with exceptional weather and a smooth ocean for the crossing out to Mentawai islands.

Light and variable winds and lots of swell on the horizon for the New Zealand lads is a recipe for a great trip and we started in the north with some mellow breaks and working our way south as the week went on.

We were able to surf some lesser ridden waves in Boomerang, our 7 meter aluminium speed boat and trying not to blow our cover surfing some pristine lefts and rights while others stuck to the name locations.

Late afternoon Boomerang trips were a hit this trip with a pretty good strike rate off the back of Boomerang. Keeping Chef Hotman busy on the BBQ for the duration.

The weather held good from start to finish and even the sail home was magic to top it off with Nomad under full sail form the crossing home.

May really is a great time of year in Sumatra. The whole island chain glistens in all her surfing and scenic glory.


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Surf Report 22/09/2017

The good lads at Surfstich bought together a boat load of rippers for some fun times aboard Nomad for a September sourjon through Mentawai. The swell gods delivered and the team scored some awesome sessions. Stay tuned for more action on this trip with film releases this month.

The Nomad team

Surf Report 04/10/2017

A late season September trip brought some regulars on the Nomad. With their trip the previous year being hard to top we decided to hoist the sail and head for the southern tip of the Mentawai Island chain. With the islands starting to empty out and a south pulse in the swell this decision paid off.

After long days in the water it, the afternoons consisted of being ontop of the water with the fishing being on point, breaking Boomerang records. A total of 30 quality fish caught on the trawl this trip. Not too many afternoon surf sessions were getting done as it was all about the esky being full of ice-cold bintangs, watching the sunset waiting for the rods to scream.

A great trip to be a part of and a great way to wrap up my season.

On the Nomad it’s been a great year of surfing/ fishing all around.

Signing off for 2017, Captain Jake.

Surf Report 09/09/2017

Early September Nomad welcomed a bunch of lads for their first trip sailing around the beautiful islands of Mentawai. Straight up starting the trip with a bang introducing the boys into the famous Telescopes. First sights had them screaming at reeling lefts as far as the eye could see!

Stiff southerlys had us targeting the lefts, keeping some of the boys frothing and some asking “where are the rights?”. We promised the natural footers some dreamy rights and headed towards HT’s. After perfection here and everyone on the boat being stoked, we pushed on trying to find the ‘elusive right’ out of the wind, however the trip consisted predominately of lefts.

Nomad traveled some miles and explored most of the island chain this trip managing to keep scoring great sessions and waves most days to keep the froth alive.

Thanks for the good times and see you all again.

Captain Jake

Surf Report 13/09/17

Welcome back to paradise where the days are filled with sun, surf and a few cocktails by the pool with your best mates. The past couple days the guests at Resort Latitude Zero have made the most out a consistent swell and and light south east winds. We surfed old favourites and had the chance to surf waves that often go overlooked. The surf forecast looks promising for the coming week, so check back in a couple days for your latest batch of Sumatran magic.


RLZ Guide Team


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