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Conner Coffin

Growing up in the coastal town of Santa Barbara, California, Conner Coffin has always had a love for the ocean. His passion for surfing started at a very early age, much of which he credits to his dad, who was pushing him into waves when he was only in kindergarten. Since that first dip, there has been no stopping him. With access to some of the most famous spots on the California coast – Rincon, Leadbetter and a couple spots in Ventura – and surrounded by talented surfers (Bobby Martinez and Dane Reynolds, among many others), Coffin has been hard at work making his name known on the world’s surfing scene.

Coffin’s smooth, clean and powerful style comes from years of growing up surfing those famous point-breaks. While he has the talent to land a spot on the ASP World Tour, Coffin seems to be biding his time, traveling the world, putting together video parts and enjoying the ride.



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