28 Nov 2019

Mark “Dip” a recent guest put pen to paper while on the island and left this poem!

Roses are red
violets are blue
Next time I knife a pit
I will think of you

No, no, no thats not it, below is the real poem.

So we came along, with no attitude
Just eight mates with plenty of gratitude
To a place, with Zero Latitude
To be royally, treated like Kings

From the first day, this special place
Welcomed us, with open embrace
This special spot, this special space
With all those dreams one clings

Thirteen days, fourteen nights
Plenty of lefts and plenty of rights
Only eight of us; so no shit fights
Think we’ve found our paradise

Every day blends into another
Every day, a new place to discover
Only 8 hours there to recover
That’s all we need to suffice

Eight guys here, on a mission
If there’s no surf, there’s always fishin’
Or anything else, you may be wishin’
It’s paradise on a stick

We’ll be back here, again next year
I think that’s really, perfectly clear
As we all suck, on another beer
This place is pretty sick

As I write it’s only day three
No other place, I wanna be
Utopia just goes on endlessly
At Latitude Zero in the Telos

Still plenty of days to get some swell
Plenty of ways to pass the time as well
If this is heaven? There is no hell
Forget about the loved ones and relos!

For two weeks, we forget about home
As I write, this sweet little poem
No other place we need to roam
Every day is better than the last

So let me finish this little ditty
When it ends one day, I’ll be shitty
Have to wait a year, now that’s a pity
But for now it’s one big blast!


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