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14 May 2019

Four veterans from Brisbane make it trip number five, and one to remember…

Here at the resort we get a great mix of guests. From all ages, locations and surfing abilities.

With the report below really age is no excuse to surf the best waves of your life… Check out what a group of RLZ veterans scored in 2019!

A group of 4 veterans from Brisbane, three over 60 years old returned to RLZ for their 5th annual trip in a row.  They were greeted by the best swell of any of their trips and were “frothing”, wearing themselves out surfing from dawn to dusk.  Their guide got them to Monkeys, Bojo’s, Misho’s, E-Ps, Bananas and Pinnacles which they had to themselves to hone their skills on the 3-5 foot waves.



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  • Mangalui Ndulu

    She is a magnificent 84 foot timber sloop, custom built for the sole purpose of searching for waves.

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