10 Jul 2019

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Already the boys are planning their next trip to RLZ next year. They are still frothing about the waves. Andy their surf guide was very good at his job. He had some experienced surfers on our boat and always made sure that everyone got enough waves to suit their level.
As a non surfer (mum and wife) Andy encouraged me to come along to take pics with my camera and the waves were mind blowing. How good is Rangas!
The island was amazing, food was fabulous, the king sized accommodation perfect, and the spa services top notch. Very thoughtfully designed and laid back resort. Staff were friendly and caring and good with names. All surf guides were good blokes.
From landing at the tiny airport, going through the village and arriving by boat was an adventure.
I met so many repeat customers in our 7 days there and that says it all. Even comparing to other resorts and boats others just don’t stack up.
Our mate from our hometown said we would be treated like kings – he was not wrong.
One suggestion is to complete the track around the island to be more user friendly, to widen the track and put some boardwalk sections in as it is great to explore. The bamboo forest is pretty cool.
From talking to Dave, I would love in the future to see the resort expand their services for non-surfers.
And the mojitos and margaritas got the thumbs up too…
Paradise ?
Lonny, Garry & Flynn





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