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Professional surf photographer

Why not make that memorable trip of a life time last forever…..

Our professional surf photographer packages can be designed around your holiday option, subject to availability. With our long association with several of the world’s best photographers, packages are then edited and prepared for delivery.

Simon “Swilly” Williams

Simon “Swilly” Williams is considered royalty
in the surf industry, having captured classic images which have adorned the covers and pages of so many surfing magazines in the last 20 years, its too difficult to count. Capturing amazing water imagery, breath taking sequences from the beach and mind blowing photography from helicopters and jet skis. Swilly has worked with some of short board surfing’s greats like world champions Kelly Slater, Mick fanning,
Andy Irons, Stephanie Gilmore as well as Joel Parkinson, Dave Rastovitch, Ry Craike through
to long boarding legends like Nat Young, Joel Tudor and Harley Inglby. Swilly has traversed the globe from his base on Australia’s Gold Coast through Indonesia, Philippines, Micronessia, PNG, Maldives and the Australian coastline.

To view some of Swilly’s work please visit: @swillpics

PLEASE NOTE: Large groups only and availability of Swilly. For more info and rates please email or contact us

Jeremy Richardson

Jeremy Richardson comes to Latitude Zero after an all-time trip onboard Mangalui Ndulu in 2023 where he captured amazing video footage of surf sessions at each unpredictable and challenging break across Mentawai Islands with consistency and professionalism. With every frame, he skillfully brings to life the raw power and grace of each individual surfer’s highlights and surf stoke no matter what the conditions, immersing viewers in the moment with spectacular cinematography and post shoot editing.

When you’re out on the water scoring the waves of your life with us and Jeremy is behind the lens, you can count on each session being burnt into glorious frames you’ll be able to look back on for years to come.

To view Jeremy’s surf footage of the all time trip onboard Mangalui Ndulu in 2023 click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Large groups only and subject to availability. For more info and rates please email: