Thank you RLZ!!!!!


It was absolutely amazing in all areas from Resort (Bungalow was so cute), staff and food. (Special thanks the Chefs and to Wally for an amazing daily menu).


Like Marc, I would hate to miss anyone in thanks so will sing their well deserved praises to anyone I talk to.


As a non surfer, there was plenty of activities and it was great to experience the ’Surf Culture’ as such. Oh the massages & facials were divine 😍


Loved, loved, loved it Deb xx


We had the best time, scored good, uncrowded  waves every day and had heaps of laughs.  Tom our surf guide was fantastic, as was every one of the RLZ team.  As a group we talked about how the team just makes the whole experience just so seamless and easy (same as my first trip to RLZ) – nothing goes wrong and nothing is too much trouble (both booking and in Indo). So massively hassle free in a time when travel is a hassle. So thank you so much.

So please pass on my thanks to everyone at RLZ


Hi Matt – I just had another ripper trip and thought I’d drop you a quick line.

Honestly the resort hasn’t aged a day since I first visited 8 years ago. Only poor old Larry seems to age.

Dave, Woy Woy, Grace, Roy, Julian, Leos, Fadley, the whole team are all doing a fantastic job still. Dave especially has a really nice respectful, professional but still friendly manner not only with the guests but his team as well. And a special shout out to Dave – on my last day my flight from Padang was cancelled and I was very worried – Dave gave me good advice on how to best research and buy other flights options (I had critical connecting flights), how to see Lion about a refund and he even printed my email so I could show the Lion Air team at Padang (to make things easier….. which it certainly did).

Australians are good at whinging when things go wrong. I’m the same but I try to balance up with good feedback when it is due.

Simon Jeffery

Hi Matt and Deb,
I would like to thank you both for such a wonderful trip to Latitude Zero in August.
From the first conversations with Deb on organising the trip right up until we boarded the plane to return home our group was treated so well and every need catered for.
The food was first class, and our daily search for waves without doubt is as good as it gets.
What a fantastic resort, and what a great group of people.
I loved every day, and cannot wait to get back there again.
Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far, and everything you do.
Best wishes

Doug Lees

We all had an absolute blast at Lat 0, we had John as our guide, mate he is a bloody legend, he is a great guide and a top bloke. So easy going and so experienced. The food was just awesome, rooms were beautifully clean, the resort is looking great, the boats are perfect, the staff were friendly and very helpful, the massages were excellent and the surf was pumping.


Hi Deb

For the first time in my many trips Julie my wife came with me for this trip. The welcome by John in the resort was second to none. John arranged for private dinners and the use of 01 for a day, and Julie very much and joyed the pampering which was available in the new spa.
 I was about to bring my board back from RLZ thinking that I might not go back up again, however Julie has informed me that will be going back every year and she will enjoy the pampering and beach.
 The surf was the best and most consistent that I have experienced in the area, And we can’t wait to go back again.

All in all the best trip ever. Cheers David

David & Julie loved the stay

Hi Deb firstly i,d like to say what a top notch show you run @ RLZ appreciation and congratulations are in order for creating such a great place in the middle of remote Sumutra a huge achievement for human nature ,secondly I would like to thank Matt and the guys for hiring and taking care of our son Leigh and giving him the opportunity to work in such a unique natural environment ,thirdly i like to thank you guys for taking great care of us every time we visit ,also my wife mentioned the variety of activities available to non surfers all in all 110% .

With warm regards Steve & Julia Bailey.

Steve & Julia Bailey

Hi Deb, Hi Matt
We finally are starting to get over the jet lag and adjust to being back home in what is our winter.
I was going to send a note anyway just to say thanks for a wonderful time. We had a blast sharing our trip with our friends from last years visit and having Greg in the boat was a bonus. So much fun.
Everything was great. The staff, the guides, it all was all good. And it’s comforting to see the continuous ongoing maintenance that reflects your attention to detail. The entire resort was immaculate. And the new spa area is so beautifully done.
So, just fond memories and looking forward to our next visit which hopefully will be sooner than later.
Many thanks
Steve and Shari
PS: Matt, I’m in a similar business and always strive to get the facts from my tenants. I would tell you if we thought something was off. On the contrary, it was just as good as we could hope for. Amazing job you have done there!

Steven Dunaif

Guest Feedback

“Difficult to make it any better. Fantastic place and out guns all others”
John Halpin

What an amazing trip I had and the waves where great. Thanks for the brilliance of your pictures, you really have a great skill and passion for surf, I really admire you for your natural ability to live and love life. you get stoked on a lot of things and I must say your so in tune with mother ocean nature.
Thanks again for the great photos, hope we get one in a mag!! Hope we can meet again one day..
If those pro girls have a free spot on board let me know. haha
Jeremy west  (Jezza)

Jeremy West

I just wanted to email you guys from the NOMAD and all involved to thank you on behalf of the boys for everything and for an amazing trip. All the boys absolutely loved the trip and I’m sure Mark loved it too. It was so well organised, the crew were absolutely awesome in every way possible, food 10/10, fishing, waves, relaxing, it had everything. You guys have nailed it in every way possible. I will be recommending it to all my mates and will be back on it again one day.
Thanks Shaun

Shaun Sullivan

Hello RLZ,

Just a short note for the fabulous week last week. The Melrose group that I joined as a last minute were a fantastic bunch of blokes that included me in this opportunity to stay at RLZ. 

The hospitality and detail from the local staff was just spot on, feeling like I had been to the island many times before. The massages were of very high quality and the food was at 5-star for a surfer who is going to spend, or has spent, the entire day in the water. 

The resort is well maintained and the quality of furnishings is very good. The only negative, yet constructive feedback, would be to change the bedside light bulbs from Energy Saver to Soft Glow as they are brutal in the mornings!!!

Jack, our surf guide did a fantastic job in finding quality waves when the swell was intermittent and he went above what could have been expected of a guide. He and the boys working on the boats would detail the boat when we were out surfing (although not to a Superyacht standard ? ) and welcome us with smiles and food/drink. 

Chad, Budgie, Chris and Ads were all very welcoming and frankly, I felt at home. 

Thank you for hosting myself (special thanks to Matt for the Maroon cocktail..) and both Jamie and I are already looking at dates for next May.

What an amazing week!!! 

 Kind regards,

Tim Corrie


Tim Corrie

Hi Guys,
We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the Resort Latitude Zero team for looking after us so well. We are still buzzing from the amazing surf, the food, the cocktails, everything.
The girls had a great time as well.
Thanks heaps,
Brent, Bill, Shona and Yolanda.

Brent, Bill, Shona and Yolanda

Firstly, thanks again for an awesome week at your resort.  It was great for our group.  The waves in the first half of the week were great for us and despite predictions of little action on the last two days; we had great sessions Thursday and Friday too.

Secondly, I’d just like to say how good Chris our guide was. He picked up the nuances of wind, tides and surf and got us to good spots consistently.

Thirdly, the food this year seemed have gone up a notch for which we were grateful.

Fourthly, the bungalow concept was awesome.  We all loved it, especially when one of our boats was the only one at a break. I think we would all be interested in upgrading next year!

Thanks again and looking forward to visiting RLZ again


Michael D’Emden

Shari and I just returned from our trip to RLZ and as anticipated It was simply wonderful. Adam was our guide and did a superb job. What an easy guy to hang with and we were really impressed with his low key demeanor We shared a boat with 3 lovely women and were joined by Layne Beachley which was a bonus.

You do a superb job and I am most grateful to be able to come and enjoy it.

We left our boards there so we will be back soon! This was our third trip within a year!

Many thanks!!

Steve Dunaif

Dear Rlz, thank you for what was one of the most memorable holidays of my life, your staff, accommodation, amenities, food and level of commitment to providing the best possible customer experience was second to none. I’m already saving for next year and can’t wait to see you all again.


All the best,

Anthony Bowman.

Anthony Bowman

Happy New Year. 
We arrived back a few days before Xmas from our 10-day trip to Latitude Zero.  Connor and I had a great time.  The swell held up and we had some memorable sessions at both Monkey’s and Rangers.
Our sail back on the Nomad to Padang was really fun.  We’ve had dinner on the upper deck, calm seas and clear weather made for a relaxing trip.  Pic attached.
We look forward to seeing you again in 2017.
Could you please send me Wal/John’s email address.

Robert Duke

Thank you all so much for EVERYTHING !!
Arlo, Tully, Eva, Simon & I had the most amazing time & we will miss you all.
The way you connect with the guests make it feel like we belong to your family.
We will be forever grateful.
Jac. xx


Thank you for an amazing trip for our crew over the past week at RLZ. You’ve done an outstanding job on all of the ‘little’ details which make the experience at RLZ outstanding. The entire crew of staff were very friendly and attentive to all of our needs and a special mention to Jack our Surf Guide who managed to put us into the right spot each day to cater to our surfing ability.  We joked that any more than 4 in the break was a crowd and rarely in the 7 days did we surf with any other crew than the 4 on our boat.  I’ve attached some photos which you can feel free to use as you wish. We took a drone on the trip and got some incredible footage of RLZ and the surrounding surf breaks.  We’ll definitely be back ! Thanks again.

Scott Earle

“Firstly, a big thanks. We had a great time at the resort last week. Everyone was totally surfed out and we are still impressed that so much surfing can be done with minimal and often no other surfers. It just keeps delivering and we are keen to go back again.

Operations at the resort seem to get better every year.  You have a great mix of people working out there and the hospitality and service was excellent. We all liked David our surf guide and overall he did an excellent job.

On to 2017, can you let us know what you have available for September at the resort again please. We have quite a few out of Australia who are on 2 year rotations, so it’s most likely our demand will be for more than 8 slots, but I don’t know how many more. Ideally, we want to get people committed as early as possible this time around. Cheers.”

Greg McEntyre

I wanted to thank you for an absolutely awesome trip; I left early as you know so didn’t manage to fill in a questionnaire afterwards but well here is my take! The accommodation excellent; all the blood, sweat and tears that went into those beautiful bungalows was 100% worth it; really felt VIP staying there; mission accomplished; very cool. The food & menu was  very  nice; whether buffet or table serving; just a really good variety. You recall me saying/believing that happy staff are more important than happy customers and your staff are amazing. So I am being a bit “gushy” now but I am being completely honest and open with you!

Dean Grobler

“I am sorry it has taken six weeks to send you a letter to say thanks for the best holiday a couple of country boys could of asked for. Everything we experienced with Resort Latitude Zero was absolute top shelf Matt, from making the booking with Deb, the management, guides & resort staff were of the highest quality.

We were also really thankful for the hospitality we received in Padang while overnighting there on the way home, I think it was Yen who looked after us, she topped off an amazing two weeks. We loved it and hope to get back to the Telo Islands and in particular your place in a year or two.”

Matt A & Matt C

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for another fantastic trip to Resort Latitude Zero. I am absolutely stuffed this week in a very happy surfed out way. The bungalows concept is a great success congratulations and the build quality is first class. Thanks again for another great RLZ holiday.

Rob Miller

Thanks to RLZ for another incredible trip. We really enjoyed our stay in the main resort last year, but the 10 days in the Bungalows this year was on another level. It just doesn’t get any better than surfing uncrowded waves with 3 of your best mates in a remote paradise in 5 star luxury! Throw in terrific food and great surf guiding /coaching and it creates a surf experience which is the best we’ve ever had.


I just want to say thank you for the awesome trip out to RLZ. To have the imagination yet alone skill and determination to make that place a reality is beyond me. The staff, food, facilities and waves were nothing short of first class. If I were to choose only one camp to go to for the rest of my life, RLZ would be it. In fact, I’ve just decided, it is the only camp I will ever go to.

James Bennett

Our surf guide went over and above to make sure we had an awesome experience. We all appreciate the extra effort he showed in the evening to make sure we had wheat we needed for the next day. He also prepped us on conditions each morning. We all noticed and appreciated the extra effort. The best surf trip ever!

Tim Yost

Best surf trip for all around experience I have been on and I surf internationally yearly. Incredible staff, everyone was attentive and knew my name on Day 2.

Cameron St.Clair

Best trip. Our surf guide was energetic, knowledgeable of the surf and a very hard worker. He guided us through all the surf breaks as well as our own surfing and how to improve. Best surf guide you could ever ask for!

Kevin Dunn

Thanks for such a wonderful holiday!

The new bungalows have taken the whole Resort Latitude Zero experience to a new level: they’re beautiful and luxurious. We loved the privacy, the views and the little touches like the essential oils.

Keep up the good work!

Gillianne & Ian Tedder

As usual, you and your staff were simply terrific. I have tried and now I believe that I have succeeded in hopefully starting the next generation of our group to make it a point to get to RLZ. As I understand it, there will be a group of four from out group traveling next year to RLZ. I believe that the group will come back in 2018. There will probably be a bunch of new guys as we try to keep feeding the stoke.

By the way, if you need testimony regarding Swilly, he is worth it. He’s a professional and does tremendous work. He takes so many shots that one could easily find that one or more memorable shot(s) that may wind up on a wall in a traveler’s home. Swilly is also such a great companion on the boat, my goodness, he is entertainment and creates great friendships.

Matt, if I have a criticism of the total package, I’d say that incredibly, there may be too much of an entree during dinner. Maybe we’re smaller eaters, but with the exquisite ‘pupus” prior to dinner, it seemed at times that we were just overfed (if that’s possible). BTW, I liked the buffet style dinners of the past.  Yet, who can complain. You still, in my opinion, have the very best surf destination.

Hey, who knows, I may show up in 2018. Thanks again.

David Nakada

Just a short note to thank Wally and the entire staff at RLZ during my recent holiday! You have a first class resort and it is a pleasure to be on the island. The accommodations, food, staff, not to mention the waves is unreal. I will diffidently be back to RLZ!!

Patrick Hischier

“To anyone who has experienced Resort Latitude Zero, it should come as no surprise that the recently opened bungalows are indeed premium. Matt, Jen and staff have created a new category of high end surf travel by offering privacy, exclusivity and one-on-one attention to detail. Next holiday treat yourself to a premium experience.”

Mike H. (10 x guest to RLZ)

“Thanks again for such a sick holiday. It was probably the best of the four trips I have experienced at Resort Latitude Zero. You continue to amaze me with the level of service you deliver in such a remote location.
Hady and Roy, Rob and Adam had us frothing every day and we shared a lot of laughs and great waves. I am booked in again for October next year with David Tuffley’s crew and Rory is organising a father/son trip maybe early next year that I might try to get in on it. Can’t wait to see you all again.”

PJ Keightley

Amazing setup and level of service! We were so impressed with this place and the staff as well who did everything for you but surf! Thanks again for a great time and will be back for sure.

Mike D

“Once again thanks to all the crew at Resort Latitude Zero for another great trip. The staff get better, facilities improve and the waves, if possible, get better. Please pass on our thanks to all the team and your family!”

Jon Erickson

“I would also like to say a huuuuuge thank you to you and all your amazing staff. Truly commendable for the incredible effort on making not only ours but everyones stay so enjoyable,

You must be very proud of your staff and the resort you have set up. It has to be one of the most exceptionally run, friendly, adaptable, welcoming and enjoyable resorts we have stayed at. We absolutely loved it all and not to mention scoring rangas for nearly half the time we were there…..

So thank you again Matt from us both to each and everyone of you, the awesome guys Chad, Wal, Adz, Rob, John, Seagull, the smiley fun boat boys – Robin, Julian, Andri, Roi, the lovely reception/massage/hostess/waitress ladies, – Santy, Mani, Rizi, Unity, the wonderful chefs/kitchen guys, housekeeping/maintainance and security and of course not forgetting the one and only Larry!!)  Hope to see you again next year!

ps. hope i havnt forgotten anyone…..Brain fuzz, still recovering! Sending a big grateful group hug. All the very best.”

Cassie & Chris

Just one word; “Wow!”

We had the pleasure of staying in one of the newly constructed bungalows at Resort Latitude Zero for our summer surf trip. It’s the 3rd time we’ve been to RLZ, and staying in the bungalow just took our trip to a whole ‘nother level.

It’s hard to beat having your own private spot right on the beach, being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves lapping a few metres from your deck.

The room is huge. Never mind having enough space to swing a cat, you could swing a whole cattery in here without a hitch! Super comfy king-sized bed, with another daybed in the one corner, and a big counter area on the opposite side of the room, which houses a mini-bar, plenty of shelf space/storage and a computer desk.

There’s a walk-in wardrobe room with tons of shelf space and hanging space, you’d be hard-pressed to use it all! Also a full length mirror so you can check to see that your boardie/Tshirt/flipflop combo won’t scare anyone!

The bathroom has a counter-top basin and big mirror, with wall recesses both sides, and an under counter shelf, so plenty space for all the vanities. The rain shower is perfect to wash away all the days salt-water.

Really liked the floor lights that came on automatically when you entered the bathroom, so no need to fumble around for light switches in the middle of the night. (there are also proximity sensor lights on the deck, so when you come back in the evenings you can see what’s going on)

Plenty of plug points throughout the room so you can charge everything at once. Personally don’t think you’d ever be able to use them all at once, there’s that many. There’s also in-room wifi available.

Lots of windows to let natural light in, covered by mosquito screens to ensure its just light and fresh air that gets in, and the bugs stay out! Other than the odd ant or two, we had no bugs in our room at all. And that was over a 5 week period. So no need to stress if you a bug-phobe.

The outside deck is awesome, just wished we’d had the opportunity to use it more – but were out surfing every day instead! It’s a lovely private space to chill out. Did manage to sneak in the odd guitar sesh out there just before dinner, with Larry arriving as the first chord was strummed. It’s a great spot to have a late arvo cocktail and watch the sun set.

Or if you’re a morning person – you can see the sun rise right out front. Noticed that a few times when some of the more enthusiastic frothers in our group wanted to do some really early morning starts!

You get the best of both worlds, still part of all the goings on at the resort, but then you can retire to your private space when you want some peace and quiet. Double whammy. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a bungalow stay, and will most definitely be staying in one on our next trip.

Well done to Matt, Wal and the RLZ crew for this great addition to the resort.

Kerry & Garth

Bungalow’s are epic – stayed in one during our recent trip to Resort Latitude Zero. Takes your stay to a whole ‘nother level (smile emoticon).

Millers Local

“Just thought I would write to let you know that we tried another Sumatran location in November and sincerly wished we had come back to you guys. It is not a patch on your service and quality of product. Food was *&%$ resort in a bad state of repair Indonesian staff slack to name but a few problems. The only positive thing is their location. I love to hear compliments on my own service in our business so I though it only fitting that i let you know how good your product is. Hope to see you late next year if finances and circumstances allow. Please pass my comments onto Wal, Rob and all the crew.”

David Flide

“I cant speak too highly of Rob as a guide, he was awesome. I feel very blessed to have had Chad, Adz, S-Man and now Rob as my guides. They all epitomize the stoke at RLZ.”

Lex Taylor

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