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Karmah Spa


  • Surfers Massage
    Aching muscles are soothed and skin restored to its natural balance as you enjoy this firm massage using virgin coconut oil blended with organic essential oils. A welcome relief after a day’s surfing.
  • Relaxation Massage
    The softer style of massage incorporates long stretching strokes and is deeply relaxing. This massage suits those looking to relax and reconnect. Pure virgin coconut oil blended with organic essential oils will calm your spirit.
  • Deep Heat Massage
    This full-body massage helps provide deep muscle pain relief using pure virgin coconut oil blended with organic essential oils and is finished off with Chinese Kwan Loong medicated oil to get into those tired muscles.
  • Manicure
    Using only the best original OPI products, all equipment is sterilized with alcohol.
  • Pedicure
    Using only the best original OPI products, all equipment is sterilized with alcohol.
  • Ear Candling
    Experience this unique & natural technique to remove excess wax and relieve pressure from the inner ears. Relax as your therapist gently massages around your ear whilst the ear candle slowly burns. This treatment work wonders for sinus, insomnia, headaches, sore throats, stress & relaxation.
  • Nurture Facial
    Our signature nurture facial uses all 100% natural ingredients. Fresh yoghurt, honey cleanser, cucumber toner, white clay mask and rose moisturiser. Tension and fine lines are reduced during this lymphatic system Chinese acupressure facial massage. Further relax as your therapist massages your lower legs while your mask goes to work.
  • Full Body Scrub
    Remove all the sea salt, daily build up and dead cells on your entire body to reveal a soft glowing younger looking you. The fresh grated coconut combined with pure virgin coconut oil exfoliates, invigorates and stimulates your natural collagen production.
  • Body Wrap
    This unique treatment begins with a whole body green tea and white clay mask to draw out the toxins and tighten skin, preparing it to receive the moisture it needs. While your body mask activates you will be gently wrapped in a sarong while you enjoy a mini natural facial. Unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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  • Mangalui Ndulu

    She is a magnificent 84 foot timber sloop, custom built for the sole purpose of searching for waves.

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