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16 Oct 2013

surf aid, rlz, resort latitude zero, telo islands, surf resort Indonesia

surf aid, rlz, resort latitude zero, telo islands, surf resort Indonesia


Must Wine Bar in Perth became home to five chefs who love to surf for the latest Surfing Chefs for SurfAid dinner on Thursday 5 September 2013. Former ASP world surfing champion Martin “Pottz” Potter joined Surfing Chef’s pioneer Russell Blaikie (Must Winebar), Aaron Carr (Vasse Felix), Dany Angove (Leeuwin Estate) and Herb Faust (Herb Faust Food) in the kitchen to produce five courses matched with Madfish Wines. And the VIPs then adjourned to the Must Champagne Lounge.

Following on from the success of Surfing Chefs at Muster bar and grill Margaret River in 2011 and South Bank Surf Club Brisbane in 2012, the night raised $35,000 – a huge indication of the support from the 100 guests.

“The feeling I took away from this special dinner at Must is that when a room full of people really connects with a cause it’s truly a moment to savour,” Russell Blaikie said.

“The camaraderie of this crew of chefs was inspiring and the kitchen environment was just like being out in the lineup with ONLY your best mates. There was lots of laughing, digs flying, and it was all interspersed by serious moments of getting amazing food on the plate … just like paddling into the next wave.”

Blaikie said that Pottz again proved he’s a sharp cook and a serious contributor to the event.  “Yes, I’m talking about the same Pottz, the amazing surfer and larrikin. He arrived early in the morning to throw on his jacket and plug away at the prep, and he stayed on task – with the aid of an Eagle Bay beer or two – until the last plate went out. Major props to a guy who doesn’t rest on his reputation and gives his time so generously.”

Blaikie said that SurfAid Country Director Anne Wuijts wowed the crowd out front. “From the moment Anne took to the microphone to explain the amazing work that SurfAid is doing, you could have heard a pin drop.  If the guests didn’t have the full picture of why the SurfAid’s work is so important before the dinner, they do now.

“And they were blown away by the sensational food, great booze and overwhelming sentiment of the night by donating large and auctioning high, netting $35K from 100 peeps. Amazing!”

Martin Potter once  again rose to the challenge with his dish – Balinese spiced toothfish in banana leaf, longan yellow curry and chicken skin salad. “This year’s Surfing Chefs for SurfAid event was up there with the best,” Pottz said. “The surfing chefs who wowed the guests with five-star food were true pros. It was an honour to work with them in the kitchen and I look forward to the next event.”

Finishing up the night with the VIP ticket holders in the Champagne Lounge was the perfect opportunity for Russell, Dany, Aaron, Herb and Pottz to relax with a glass of Alfred Gratien Champagne or a Madfish wine and share the spirit of the event with the crew that helped make it such a success.


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