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07 Nov 2019

What is the RLZ surf guides’ favourite time of year?

We get asked this question a lot.

If you ask any of our experienced surf guides this question, the answer will most surely be “The shoulder seasons months” – Oct, Nov, Dec, March, April.

Winds are light and variable, weather awesome and the Southern Ocean (and western Indian ocean) swells continue to roll on through, often with not quite the vigor of peak season swells but enough to light up the perfectly lined reefs of Telo Islands.

And to top it off, the Island chain is regularly empty apart from the lucky RLZ guests in the know to our little secret.

Take these shots for example taken late Oct 2019- not only did our guides The Hobbit, Sparrow & Nick hunt down some of the best waves of their surfing group’s lives, they also managed to jag some epic perfection for themselves when everyone was surfed out. It simply does not get any better for any surfer worth their salt.

Thanks to Angus Sheridan for some epic late season shots of the lads having a great ol time lighting it up!

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