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21 May 2019

We have Simon “Swilly” Williams on the island with all his camera gear for the next few weeks. He is capturing all the action at Resort Latitude Zero here in the heart of the Telo Islands.
Stay tuned each week for Swilly’s weekly wrap up!

Week 4: “Wow what a week we have just had”.

Saturday the chain was alive and surfed three world class waves in 6 hours, all pumping. I could hardly move on Saturday night. Good feeling-surf stoked and sunburnt.

Sunday saw the swell back off a little but still plenty of good waves about. Just when you thought it could get any better, Monday, which was meant to be flat, gave us a great day of 3 to 4 feet in two epic & picturesque locations. We love it when the get the forecast wrong.

Well it had to happen but the swell finally dropped into the mid-week and thank god as we needed a bit of R & R, and what better place to do it at than Resort Latitude Zero, this resort is truly one of the best surf resorts in the world.

Big shout out to Tim Spencer and his group for making the past 10 days so much fun.

As I send this report the swell is on the rise into the weekend and the body is ready to do it all again.



Check out more of Swilly’s handy work here:

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