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27 May 2019

We have Simon “Swilly” Williams on the island with all his camera gear for the next few weeks. He is capturing all the action at Resort Latitude Zero here in the heart of the Telo Islands.
Stay tuned each week for Swilly’s weekly wrap up!

Week 5: “3ft glassy waves on our own ? I’ll take that !”.

For my last week at Resort Latitude Zero we scored a mixed bag in the 3ft range with very light winds and steamy equatorial days.

Plenty of epic fun sessions with no one around. 3ft glassy waves on our own ? I’ll take that !

The experienced Latitude Zero surf guides have this place dialled like no other and always sniff out the magic on offer day in & day out no matter what the forecasts and conditions toss-up.

A big thank you to all the wonderful staff and management at Resort Latitude Zero who put us on the spot and make it all happen.

Stay tuned for TRACKSMAG.COM July edition to see how Kyuss King, Toby Mossop, Torry Meister, Brodi Sales, Wyatt Mc’hale & Callum Robinson go on the mighty Mangalui Ndulu on an epic sojourn through the Islands of North West Sumatra and Aceh.



Check out more of Swilly’s handy work here:

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