Latitude Zero Surf Resorts

Telo island Resort

Latitude Zero I Telo Islands offers incredible surfing holidays and luxurious tropical island resort accommodation in western Indonesia. The surf resort is situated on its own private island, off the west coast of Sumatra in the Telo Islands, which is north of the Mentawai Islands.
Our paradise island sits almost right on the equator – yep, latitude zero!
Our stunning boutique surf resort is discretely set in a natural coconut garden on a beautiful, safe, sandy beach and has epic surfing options 12 months a year.


Latitude Zero I Telo Islands offers the ultimate surf vacation by catering for all levels of surfer from pro to beginner. Furthermore, our fantastic local breaks offer a selection of waves for every level of experience. Being north of the Mentawai Islands means our piece of Indo magic remains largely undiscovered by the masses. As a result, this often means uncrowded glassy barrels and deserted beach coves all day long.
We cater for all levels of surfers including non-surfing partners and families so all can enjoy the wonders of the Telo Islands from the luxury of Latitude Zero’s high standards of accommodation, service and safety.
Resort Rooms

Perched for elevated prime ocean views, our resort rooms are thoughtfully positioned to harness the soothing sea breezes, boasting expansive 270-degree views over the ocean. The architectural design, featuring large shady eaves, invites a natural tranquility into each space.

Within both residences, the top floor is dedicated to a spacious lounge area, complete with a flat-screen TV, high ceilings, and an array of louvers that bolster the natural cooling effect. These communal areas are designed for relaxation and social engagement, offering a breezy retreat from the sun-soaked adventures of the day.

Each house harbors six well-appointed air-conditioned bedrooms on the upper level, with two offering the added luxury of private en suite bathrooms. On the lower levels, the accommodations vary; the South house includes three additional en suite rooms, while the North house features two, bringing the total to nine and eight rooms respectively.

Flexibility is key in our accommodation offerings, with all bedrooms adaptable to meet the specific needs of our guests. Configurations can range from family-friendly layouts to secluded sanctuaries for couples. Every room extends to a private section of the veranda through French doors flanked by adjustable louvers, ensuring privacy and a personal connection with the stunning surroundings.

Completing these rooms are thoughtful amenities such as ceiling fans, air conditioning, work desks, built-in wardrobes, and personal safes, ensuring comfort, functionality, and security throughout your stay.


At Latitude Zero I Telo Islands, we’ve curated a premium bungalow experience for those seeking distinction and privacy on their surfing getaway. Ideal for couples and small families, or anyone in pursuit of a memorable surf holiday. Our custom-designed ocean-front bungalows offer comfort coupled with elegance on the tranquil south beach of our private island.

Enjoy the serenity of unobstructed ocean views from your personal balcony or the cool ambiance of an air-conditioned interior tailored for relaxation. Our commitment to your experience extends beyond the shoreline-luxury speedboats are available at your discretion to explore the islands’ magnificence, ensuring your itinerary is as flexible as your desire for adventure.

Your stay at Latitude Zero I Telo Islands transcends the typical — it’s an invitation to indulge in tranquility, embrace the surf, and explore the Telo Islands at a pace that suits your preference for leisure and exploration.


At the heart of Latitude Zero I Telo Islands you’ll find our main office area providing Wi-Fi, efficient reception service and a distinctive gift shop featuring basic toiletries, sunscreen, Latitude Zero merchandise and a selection of thoughtfully chosen gifts. 
On the other side of the pool you will find our entertainment and games room featuring a ping-pong table, 2 full sized billiard tables and large flat screen TVs to watch all the day’s surfing action each afternoon.
Our compact gym is located in our spa building and fitted out for your fitness regime. 
Our resort’s front yard houses a spacious surfboard shed, accommodating all guest surfboards.
We offer a well maintained and extensive resort surfboard quiver of 20+ boards exclusively for guest use free of charge for those that prefer to travel without the burden of large and heavy surfboard bags.
Beyond surfing, we provide a variety of sea kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and the necessary equipment for fishing and snorkelling to immerse you in the aquatic splendour of Telo Islands.


Our resort has not displaced any local villagers in any way. We employ around 90 Indonesian staff all up, with many coming from the surrounding islands and villages, providing them with an amazing opportunity to train and learn new skills in the hospitality, tourism and marine industries.


For comfort’s sake, we endeavour to make our small island as much like home as possible but with minimum environmental impact. For instance, captured rainwater is run through reverse-osmosis filtering systems.
Our waste water system is environmentally friendly, utilising aeration tanks that run off into hydrophilic gardens behind the resort complex. All are designed and fitted by registered Australian plumbers.

Make your dream surf holiday a reality