Latitude Zero Surf Resorts


What accommodation is available for those overnighting in Padang?

Our preferred hotels in Padang are Mercure and Ibis Hotel. . Check links for prices and availabilities

How do I get to Padang?

You can fly into Padang directly from Jakarta, Medan, Batam or Kuala Lumpur.

Is Lagundri Bay (Nias) far from the resort?

About 60NM from the resort.

Do you have some contact numbers just in case we encounter a problem on route to Padang or at Padang airport?

For all issues while traveling to or from Latitude Zero you can contact +62811668949 (A Whats App message is fastest way to make contact).

What is the exact location of Latitude Zero Surf Resort, latitude and longitude?

S  00.14.024         E  98.24.510

Do I need booties?

It depends on the individual. Booties are a great accessory for surfing over coral reefs but are not essential. They are recommended to avoid small infected scratches on the foot.

Are the local Telo people Muslim or Christian?

Traditionally, Telo (Sth Nias Province) are predominantly Christian.

Can I buy souvenirs from local Telo people?

Yes, there are kids selling items at some breaks in their canoes.

What do the locals do for work?

Coconut harvesting and seafood/fishing is their main source of income.

Does it rain much?

On the equator, we get plenty of rain all year round.

What else is available on the island if I want to pack light?

Our gift shop includes toothpaste, batteries, flash drives, hats, surf hats, towels, wax, RLZ T-shirts, and shirts. We have longboards and SUPs for use and we have a complimentry laundry service.

Do I need protection from malaria?

The resort is on its own Island and we fog twice a week, making it a very low risk. We have never had an mosquito born disease issues at latitude Zero but if you are concerned then please consult your doctor.

Other health concerns?

Some travelers update their Hepatitis, Typhoid & Tetanus shots. Bring a good supply of any regular, specific or prescription drugs you are taking.

Illegal substances?

ABSOLUTELY FORGET IT! Strict penalties for drug possession and trafficking in Indonesia. STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES OF ANY KIND AT OUR RESORTS.

What is the daily surfing situation with speedboats?

We have 4 dedicated surfing speedboats in the water at any time (2 x house groups & 2 x bungalow groups). Each boat has a Western surf guide and the day’s surfing is dependent on swell, weather, and the surf guide’s call. Some destinations require a full-day outing, others are a short drive away.

Can I recharge my iPod, phone & laptop?

Yes, the Resort runs 220v and 50Hz. The wall sockets are 2 rounded pins (Asian power outlets). Adapters available from reception.

Do you have ding repair service?

Yes, prices start from around AUD$15 for an average reef ding.

I’m not a very competent surfer or haven’t surfed much in 10 years. What are my chances?

There are waves for all levels of surfers in our area, from beginners to world-class barrels for chargers and professionals. 

Do you have spare surfing accessories in case I break a leg rope etc?

A small stash of fins and leg ropes are available. The gift shop also stocks basic hardware such as wax, leg ropes, and deck grip.

What time is sunrise / sunset?

Roughly 06:00 hrs and 18:30 hrs.

How many and what style of boards do you suggest?

It’s suggested to bring along 2-3 boards: a fun shorter board, a down the line short board for better days, and a step-up gun with a rounded pin for bigger stuff.

Do you have fishing gear and snorkeling gear on the island?

Yes, a full range of trolling and spinning rods and reels, plenty of snorkeling gear, and basic spearfishing equipment are available for use while out on the speedboats or back on the Island.

Do you have scuba diving on the island?

No we do not offer scuba diving. Most of the beauty in this area is in the top 5m, and snorkeling is considered sufficient.

Do many charter boats visit the Telo area?

Yes, some charter boats do visit the Telo area on their own surfing sojourn, however, not in the density seen in the Mentawai area in recent years. Communication with most boats ensures all guests in the area enjoy surfing this region with some open space.

What nationality is the pilot?

Susi Air employs around 100 pilots and around 90% of those are foreign pilots.

Do I need an Indonesian visa?

30 day Visa On Arrival (VOA) is available for most foreign country nationals. You can obtain a 60 day visa prior to arrival by visiting your nearest Indonesian embassy’s website.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all guests staying at the resorts. Please ensure you are FULLY covered for medical evacuation, and check with your family doctor for vaccinations suggested for the South East Asia region.

Can I bring duty free alcohol to the resort?

Latitude Zero is fully licensed with a well-stocked and tended bar. All drinks must be purchased through this service.

Will someone be there to meet us at Padang airport ?

Yes, our full Padang logistics team will meet and greet you on arrival into Padang Airport. We take full care of you from Padang Airport and back to Padang Airport at trip’s end.

Is there duty free at Padang airport?

No, there is no duty free shopping at Padang airport, just some basic Indonesian style cafes. There are ATM machines and MONEY CHANGERS but opening hours and machines can be unreliable.

How far is accommodation from airport?

Padang’s International Airport is about 40 mins drive from Padang City where most of the Hotels are located.

Is there anywhere to go out for a few drinks in Padang?

There are traditional seafood restaurants around town and venues like Bat & Arrow, Sparbank and The Tea Box for late-night entertainment.

Are there any restrictions regarding board lengths and numbers of boards with the small transfer plane?

We advise packing as light as possible. THere is no exact indivdual payload limit due to to various body weights, weather conditions and other operational factors set by the pilot on the day. Generally speaking 20kg for boards and luggage is plenty for a tropical surf holiday.

Is the flight out to Telo a private charter or public flight?

The transfer flight is operated by Susi Airlines and is chartered for Latitude Zero guests exclusively.

Can I buy gifts for my partner and kids from the island or should I do this on the way through one of the cities?

We have a small gift shop at the Resort selling merchandise, sarongs, and jewellery.

Can I be contacted at the resort or on the boat if there is an emergency situation?

Yes, our resort and all our boats are fully equipped with internet and satellite phone services. For urgent matters,  you can reach Adam via phone at +62811668949, WhatsApp is the fastest way to contact us. You may also email 

How many surfers are on the island?

We have 24 rooms available on the Island. The only time there would be more than 8 surfers on your boat, is if there are surfing kids or partners with the guests.

What type of food is served?

We offer an electric combination of Western and Indonesian cuisines. Food portions are plentiful.

Can I pay by credit card?

Credit card facilities are unavaible due to our remote location however you can transfer on checkout to save carrying cash.

Photos and videos of surfing?

Each speedboat has a full photography kit. Our guides and crew will get shots of you surfing. We will download everything onto a USB on the last night. Bring a USB or purchase one from our gift shop. This is a free service. Tips are appreciated.

How much money should I bring along to pay my bills on the island? What is the rough spend?

Our preferred method of payment is EasyDirect transfer on checkout. On average, most guests spend around $500 for bar charges, massage, wifi, etc. 

Do I still get the non-surfing partner and kid discount if they surf?

Yes you do. These discounts are extended to make it more affordable for your family or for those who would like to bring along their partner to share a special holiday while still surfing epic waves.

Communications at the resort.

The Island has wireless broadband (up to 50mbps) 24hrs a day with an hourly charge.