07 Mar 2019

Mangalui Ndulu is a legend in the Sumatran surfing world. She has sailed the waters of Indonesia in search of perfect waves for over 25 years and she has countless adventure stories of surf epic-ness in her decks.

It’s time to look back at some memorable sessions that have gone down over the years on the mighty Mango.

Fitty Fitty

2007 was the year of Mick’s first world title. He was running hot, his destiny was calling and nothing was going to stand in his way. He had the eye of the tiger, training hard and 100% focused on the job at hand to reach the pinnacle of his and the surfing world.

Mid-year after the Jeffreys Bay comp won by Taj Burrow and with a 6-week window before the next event at Trestles, Mick decided to switch off for a few weeks and disappear. He wanted some peace, relaxation, good times and warm tubes with his buddies away from the intense grind of the tour and training life to mentally refresh & prepare to smash the second half of the professional surfing tour season out of the park… and as history shows- deservedly claim his first world title.

The plan was to grab Mick’s good mates- Dingo Morrison and Parko, take the 3 Coolie “kids” on their first surf trip together in very long time and vanish into the West Sumatran island chain for a couple of weeks.

In 2007 each of the 3 Coolie “kids” were in their prime- all well on the pathway to becoming “kings” of the surfing world. They were the darlings of surf companies, all had won world tour events and were heavily featured in just about every surfing magazine and film de jour.

Getting the 3 rockstars together on the one boat for 2 weeks was a major accomplishment in itself and Simon “Swilly” Williams was the man to make it happen.

Each of the boys was encourage to bring along another friend preferably from outside the cocoon of the pro surfing stratosphere to liven up the trip.

The scene was set for another epic Sumatran surf voyage onboard Mangalui Ndulu.

2 Kings

This day started bad- the wind was strong and stormy, and the waves were fat, shifty and a little busy. Surfing options were limited and dictated by a local storm system smashing the islands for a day or two so a couple of the guys made do with what was available….Mick slept, eventually Joining the party for a quick session before returning to bed.

After each mushy wave Joel would paddle back to the Foxy Lady loaded with a couple of photographers to enquire about a rarely surfed spitting peak 200m up the point braking meters from dry reef. Each time we told him “Not yet Parko the tide is wrong” and with that paddle back up to the busy take off area and get another one.

This sequence was repeated for an hour or so until finely it was time to let him have a crack at it.

After Parko’s first wave at the dangerously short peak- a quick in and out kegging front of a dry ledge, it was time to wake Mick again and tell him the barrel-fest had begun!

The two extremely gifted natural footers traded tubes on their own for a couple of hours in a surreal moment of surfing joy considering how the day had unfolded.

So special was this little barrel-fest session for the 2 Coolie Kings that when a younger Paul Fisher (invited along on the trip by Mick for some laughs) came racing over in the dinghy to get in on the action, he was banned from getting out of the boat and sent to the softer right hander down the point with the others.

This one magic Mango session typified exactly what this trip was all about- good mates who had grown up into superstars of the surfing world escaping that same world for a few weeks and share some tubes on their own.

For more epic surfing images from many epic trips on the Mango and from around the world check out Swilly’s Instagram Click Here.

Massive thanks to Tracks as well, grab yourself the Surfers Bible.. Click Here.

The below Fitty Fitty preview is from Surfing Stoke’s YouTube channel Click Here


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