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18 Apr 2019

“That’s why surf trips were invented I recon- so mates can get together again and only have one schedule, that is to go surfing and have a good time….it’s awesome”

Mick Fanning (Fitty Fitty trip 2007- on the last epic day)


In 2007 the Fitty Fitty trip featuring Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison & Joel Parkinson was already lining up as a classic by the half way mark. A forecasted fresh swell for the final few days had the crew buzzing with anticipation and we still had some fresh tricks up our sleeve in a few quality reef breaks not surfed or known by any other operators at the time.

The plan was to leave Mango in the anchorage nearby and use her 7m Aluminum speedboat to target a couple of classy right handers for this final swell day. The advantages where two fold on this day – fast access to every surf break for 30 miles in every direction, having the speed and comfort to take a few chances if the conditions changed and most importantly, reduce our visibility at the rarely surfed target reef breaks to any other charter vessels that may be passing the area.

Foxy Lady speedboat accompanies all trips onboard Mangalui Ndulu for daily use including surf strike missions such as this, afternoon fishing, shooting photos on those epic days and for emergencies if required. She has been a big part of the Mango show for over 2 decades and has a reputation of always being in the right spot at the right time.

The sessions on the last day of this trip gave us some amazing and timeless images and memories starting with a setting moon in a deep pink and blue sky over the perfect morning tubes as Foxy Lady pulled into the channel in the dark to assess the morning’s situation.

The first few sets to sneak through in the breaking dawn light where under achievers, shoulder high at best yet the updated forecasts where showing much bigger. This didn’t dampen the froth levels too much as the boys all bailed overboard to tuck in to a couple of mellow morning tunnels.

Over the next hour Huey turned on the taps and well overhead kegs became the norm for every set right through the morning. It was a turkey shoot, with three of the world’s best natural footers reveling in the flawless barrels for hours.

As conditions changed the call was to shift to another even more perfect righthander and within 10 minutes Foxy lady was reloaded and speeding off to catch the next optimum window at the next break and yet again the team scored epic barrels for several hours.

This is what a morning in Foxy Lady is all about – strike and move, taking maximum advantage of the presented conditions and being a step ahead of the approaching and changing conditions.

The barrels we scored this morning thanks to Foxy Lady are shown in Fitty Fitty below throughout the introduction song and more comprehensively in the film’s finale’ @ 25:53 set to Ash Grumwald’s hit single ‘Serious’.


For more epic surfing images from many epic trips on the Mango and from around the world check out Swilly’s Instagram Click Here.

Massive thanks to Tracks as well, grab yourself the Surfers Bible. Click Here.



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