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25 Apr 2019

Not all memorable sessions involve pro’s but it sure helps to see what is possible with the world’s best surfers on the world’s best waves when they are firing.

Over the years we have experienced and been a part of hundreds if not thousands of “Epic Sessions onboard Mangalui Ndulu” and not all of them involve death defying pits and heavy water, hell we have them every trip still to this day!

Mangalui Ndulu is one of the few charter operations in Sumatra that operates all year round and everyone’s idea of a perfect session is different. Mangalui specialises in getting you the waves of your life all year round whether it be 10 foot or 2 foot.

One particular swell back in December 2005 still stands out for us…

With only a handful of mates onboard, a cracking swell and weather forecast, and a totally empty Mentawai islands we were destined for something special from Santa.

We chose to target two of our all-time favourite waves in Macaronis and Lance’s Right for this swell and for three days we surfed both of these world class gems alone and pumping.

Day one went something like – 4 hours of A-grade 6 ft left hand tubes, jump onboard Mangalui for lunch then speed up to Lance’s for 4 hours of flawlessly groomed 6ft right hand tubes. One of these day’s surfing two of the world’s most perfect reef breaks alone and pumping would be enough to burn a lasting and joyous memory deep on any surfer worth their salt’s brain.

We repeated this schedule with the same results for three days in a row until “The” Christmas swell of 2005 ran it course and fizzled and we retreated to the swell suckers and fishing.

Again, with the help of Foxy Lady, Mangalui’s 7.1m aluminum speedboat to maximize surf time we experienced something few surfers on the planet can imagine- three mindlessly perfect days of sun up to sun down lonely Mentawai magic.

When booking your surfing adventure of a lifetime onboard Mangalui Ndulu take a minute to consider what your idea of perfect surf will look like. If it involves lonely sessions with just you and your mates in manageable sized waves and glorious weather with light and variable winds then the Southern Hemisphere warmer months (Nov-April) could be right for you to experience your own version of an “Epic Session Onboard Mangalui Ndulu”

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