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24 Nov 2015

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There is absolutely nothing glamorous about lugging giant board bags around the world. The ogling stares, the inflated transit prices, the damages incurred by unscrupulous airport handlers, the exorbitant excess baggage charges and just the plain physical and mental inconvenience makes the whole process a pain in the arse. But without surfboards, we would not be surfers. And if we weren’t surfers, we would be far less intrepid. If we were not intrepid, we would have no reason to go to places like Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands before others ever dared.

There’s a saying – it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. But in the case of the 2015 Tracks Board Test nothing could be further from the bloody truth. For our surfers, it was absolutely, 100% all about the destination. In this instance, we didn’t mind carrying a bunch of boards on the journey with us. It was for good reason, after all …

The Tracks 2015 Surfboard Test. 20 Boards. 10 Days. 4 surfers. 1 boat.

Starring Heath Joske, Connor O’Leary, Garrett Parkes and Jackson Coffey.

Film by Nick Colbey

Supported by Resort Latitude Zero and Nomad Surf Charters

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