14 Sep 2015

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Seven young Australian surfers are poised on a threshold. No longer can they rest on their reps as junior over-achievers. They must now become WQS warriors and world-class free surfers. If Kalani Ball, Monty Tait, Cody Robinson, Jared Hickel, Quinn Bruce, Shaun Manners and Reef Heazlewood want to keep the pro surfing dream alive this is the challenge they face.


Tracks sends them on their maiden trip to the Mentawai Islands to get an insight into the crew who are striving to carry a torch that has been passed through several generations of Australian surfing. From the likes of Peter Townend and Rabbit Bartholomew to Mark Richards and Cheyne Horan to Tom Carroll, Occy and Damian Hardman to Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Dean Morrison and Joel Parkinson and finally Owen Wright and Julian Wilson. Will this crew of grommets be part of that lineage which has made Australia the most dominant surfing nation?

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Source_ tracksmag.com/gallery-now-and-tomorrow/

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