Date: 03.05.11
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The Nomad is back in Port from a run of trips and has this to report-

The waves have been great. We have been scouting out, traveling and exploring all over the island chain and have scored some great sessions with the special help off our sidekick 7m speedboat Boomerang. Last Trip we were joined by some young lads from Sydney who journeyed  aboard the Nomad for a week and we dropped off at the Resort for another week of fun and games.

From day one in the Mentawai islands we were greeted by some super fun rippable rights. It was just the start off things to come. The next day with an increase in the swell we shifted location and scored this right(pictured below) to ourselves along with a few other gem reef set ups in the area. On day  3 we were in the hunt for a left so we headed off in the mighty Boomerang and scored. About half an hour before this shot it was onshore,but thanks to the tropical weather the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. That night it was time to venture on,we spent the next few days having heaps of fun on some really nice rights closer to the resort before dropping the boys off to relax around the pool and take it all in. Its been a awesome start to the year.

Keep the good times coming. Back soon. Captain Albert.

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