Date: 22.08.11
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Another epic Nomad trip has just come to an end.

the waves pretty much took care of themselves with a seemingly never ending supply of swell. Ducking around some funky winds was the only thing to do and the rewards for some extra traveling were pretty good.

The Gold Coast lads got a really good taste of what the Mentawai Islands have to offer by first jagging a nice west swell followed up by a solid south swell, pretty much what you hope for every charter. All the boys scored mind blowing waves sharing time between the barrel and the reef with plenty of blood  and stories shed on the Nomad deck.
In between the surfing the boys nail some serious fish also. Big Wahoo, Spanish, Dogtooth, Coral Trout and Trevally all hitting the deck of the Boomer. One triple hook was definitely a highlight of the week sending the boomer into chaos with rods, beers and bodies going everywhere. Two of the fish reached the boat, both giant trevally going close to 40 pounds. We manage one quick photo and maybe the luckiest fish in Indo were released  to fight another day. Some good kamma attached to that.
Top trip boys all time waves, fish and the shredding on the guitar was awesome. Cheers.
Cpt Albert.

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