Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 21.07.22
Swell: 3-4ft @ 221°
Wave Frequency: 15 sec

The ‘Father Son Surf Off’ wrapped its final few days up at Resort Latitude Zero in classic Telo conditions with little to no wind and crystal clear skies.  Taking full advantage of having a pro photographer in the water, the young guns stepped up the ‘flare’ and kept Simon ‘Swilly’ William’s finger so busy on the camera he had to visit the resort spa for a hand massage every evening.

 Although the boys may have won the surf off, the fathers got to share ‘chest to head high’ waves with only their sons in the water at Jurassic’s, Bojo, Ledges, Lebar and Pinnacles, rounding off an already wave rich trip.  Resort guides Ned and Kai were stoked to hear the feedback …. “We’re smiling so much our teeth are sunburnt”.

 The forecast is looking stacked! A long lasting West swell is filling in over the next few days which will be closely followed by a solid South swell predicted for early next week. Stay tuned to Resort Latitude Zero’s Surf Report, as the Sumatran surf season continues to deliver.

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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