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Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 29.01.19
Swell: 4 - 8 Ft
Wave Frequency: 13-18 Seconds

A trip on the Mango is more than a simple surf charter, it is a marine adventure into one of the most beautiful, unique and wave drenched places on earth and our January adventure with Gout’s motley crew did not disappoint.

Blessed with swell after swell after swell for what felt like the entire month with waves rarely dropping momentarily below head high before building again and some truly epic sessions mixed in with countless super fun ones for the entire trip.

Needless to say, the team was pushed to the stamina limits keeping up with Huey, this longer trip of 18 swell soaked nights at sea and some extra more relaxing activities needed at times to recharge the batteries. Including a unique adventure into the wild jungles of Siberut Island via river transport to visit Arman and his family, one of the few remaining practicing Mentawai Sikerei living almost entirely off the surrounding jungle with very little contact with the outside world.

A trip to remember filled with many magic Mentawai moments in and out of the water.


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  • Mangalui Ndulu

    She is a magnificent 84 foot timber sloop, custom built for the sole purpose of searching for waves.

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